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Thread: Fake Bedwetting

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    Default Fake Bedwetting

    Yes, I know this has been posted before. But, this is for the people who joined probably after November or so. A lot of people who want diapers think faking bedwetting is a REALLY good idea! They feel it is a free excuse for diapers, and they can wear them and become incontinent in like 3 days.

    Well, hear this. Bedwetting is bad, whether it's self-induced or not. When you wet the bed genuinely, your body doesn't really incorporate bedwetting into daytime wetting. But, when you do it on purpose, you begin to have accidents in the day.

    I would know this, because I have been both a genuine and fake bedwetter. I was a real bedwetter until I was about 13. (How old I am now.) I can tell you it IS nice to wear a diaper at night, dry, and wake up the next morning wet. That is nice.

    But remember, you have to get there first. It's really not easy to fool your parents into thinking you bedwet ACCIDENTALLY. It will take about 3 weeks, and every single night you will have a cold, wet bed. Those are NOT fun, trust me.

    And, if you do manage to fool them, then you have to convince them to buy diapers. Due to the increased amount of children and teens bedwetting, and buying Goodnites, many more parents know that this is a solution.

    However, not everyone knows this. They'll probably take you to a doctor to see what is wrong. Now, they have NEVER tested me, but I hear they do test for some sort of chemical that makes urine.

    Now, after they've found this is psychological, and not physical, they MIGHT buy diapers. Might. And even if they do, your best bets are Goodnites, Underjams, and Depends. None of which are actually GOOD diapers.

    The whole point is this. If you're going to try your hand at faking bedwetting, the negatives and risks definitely outweigh the positives. So, please consider this the next time you want a few week's supply of diapers.
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    are you serious if you do it on purpose you can start having accidents in the day? i knew if you did it purpousfully on a daily basis youl eventually wet your bed on accident...but didnt know youll start having accidents during the daytime

    also trust me everyone iv purpousfully wet and well..kinda messed up with my mom...said some wrong things so instead of diapers plastic sheet...having wet sheets feels good at 1st then gets soo cold its not even funny..

    EDIT: but assasin i thought you hated wetting the bed *i know i know it seems like im accusing you im not*

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    Quote Originally Posted by jter42 View Post
    are you serious if you do it on purpose you can start having accidents in the day?
    It is quite possible, actually. I had crappy accidents (If ya know what I mean For the longest time, so that may have played a role. But, as I purposely wet, I began to grow used to it.

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    so before you started wetting purposely you had accidents confuzzled >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by jter42 View Post
    but assasin i thought you hated wetting the bed *i know i know it seems like im accusing you im not*
    Okay, actually I did not say I don't like it. I said I don't like wet *beds* Wet diapers, that's a different story. But, I won't go further on that.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Yeah, real bedwetting is a drag. When I was a kid, not only did I never get taken to a doctor, my dad used to scream at me and accuse me of doing on purpose -- which I surely wasn't. Long story short: legitimate problem, abusive dad, no doctor visits, yucky sheets, no diapers.

    I think bedwetting on purpose could surely backfire!

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    Well I actually told my mom that I wet the bed when she found my diapers (I don't actually wet the bed) it was not a pleasent experience. At first it was ackward trying to explain it to her then it got worse when she took me to the doctor. BTW they don't give you a chemical that makes you pee, instead they have you drink like a gallon of water in thirty minutes then make you hold it while they do an ultrasound of your bladder. Then after that you go use the bathroom and the get another untrasound of your empty bladder this is so they can measure capacity and whether your bladder is emtying completly. It sucks having someone push one of those ultrasound paddles into you gut when you really really need to go.

    So fake bedwetting is a really bad idea you have the deal with embarrasing conversations with your parents, uncomforatable doctors appointments, and sleep in cold wet sheets. Also if your parents do decide to get you diapers think about the money they'll be spending on something that you don't really need, something that you want for sexual reasons. It's definetly not right and it'll probably make you feel really bad (it should anyway).

    But I don't think it's possable to start having day time accidents because of wearing a diaper to bed. You might start waking up wet but unless you deliberetly train your self to release when ever you feel the urge then you will retain control.

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    hmmm, i can see why its a bad idea and that doing it on purpose could cause you to wet by accident. But if you wear a diaper and wet them on purpose all the time surly your going to end up having accidents, as it is the same thing. You are still wetting yourself you just have a diaper on. Iv noticed recently iv been wearing more often and wetting and when i get drunk i sometimes wet myself when im asleep. And once when i wasnt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jter42 View Post
    are you serious if you do it on purpose you can start having accidents in the day?
    Teenagers are highly regarded for their medical knowledge, this is why doogie howser (or however you spell his name) got his own TV show in the early 90's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    Yeah, real bedwetting is a drag.

    I think bedwetting on purpose could surely backfire!
    This is exactly the way I feel about it too. I am a bedwetter with hardly any control of my bladder during the night. I don't know why some just want to have no control at night. I can understand that a lot of people like to wear and wet their diapers during the day.

    Wetting at night is bad. But fake wetting at night is worse. My advice is DON'T DO IT!

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