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Thread: ATN VS other brands.

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    Default ATN VS other brands.

    Hi everyone!

    There might be a post on this already, but I tried searching for it and could not find it. I know there are reviews on lots of other brands of diapers but I am about to purchase some online diapers for two weeks from now. (House to self for ten days!!!)

    So I was wondering how ATN (all through the night diaper) compare to Abena X-plus, molicares, and the other good brands out there. Has anyone used these before? Thanks so much!


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    I tried Tranquility diapers a few years ago, both regular and ATN, and I didn't like them. They had a poor fit and weren't babyish at all, and the tapes didn't stick that well. And they have no elastic at the waist either, which exacerbates the poor fit. On the bright side though, they were plastic and made nice crinkling sounds when I walked and moved around.

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    i only tried ATNs once, and in my experience they were right in the middle between storebought diapers and molicares/abenas/securecares/dry24-7s etc. they're not a top-of-the-line product, but they're better than anything you'd buy in a store. i thought the fit and the tapes were fine, and the smooth plastic covering was lovely!

    also, you can MAKE them into a top-of-the-line product by adding a liner or a stuffer, if you're willing to spend that much. tranquility makes booster pads that fit perfectly into an ATN and double its absorbency.

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    Well thanks Crinkly! That helps make my decisions easier! Those are out of the question. Now I am down to Molicares, Abena X-plus, or 24/7. Tough decision... tough :P I got until Monday to decide. If anyone is interested, I would appreciate it if you would put down your vote... just posting molicare, Abena, or 24/7 would be awesome.

    That way whichever one has been posted the most I shall order and wear... and I would have to give credit to everyone out there who voted. So if anybody is interested, you would have my appreciation and gratitude. Thanks ya'll... and Crinkly thank you for helping me knock those atns off the list!


    Hey avery! Thank you for your reply as well. I was typing my reply already to crinkly before you posted. But now that you posted before I got my reply posted I wanted to let you know I got yours after. :P So since they are the between diaper that also furthers my decision... all though I do love the crinkle. Mmmmm... they got too make diaper decisions so tough :P... hehe...

    But I don't mind money on this purchase since I purchase online rarely. I only do it when I get a chance to enjoy them... like when I got a place to myself. But I think that you say they are the in between product I am still going to go with the other higher quality brands. Now to decide...

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    I have used them for a few years and I like them. I haven't tried Molicares or Abenas, or 24/7s, but ATNs are one of the better diaper brands I have tried.

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    You might want to consider Secure X-Plus. They are very good diapers.
    They have all the good features, high absorbancy, leak shields, elastic waistbands, plastic backsheet, and thickness.
    You can order them here:
    Secure Personal Care

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    My vote goes to the Abena X-plus. They are comparable in absorbancy to the dry 24/7's but have more padding in the front which is good for me since I do most of my wetting while sitting or standing, but if you prefer to lie down when you wet you may want the get the dry 24/7's. Molicares are good diapers but I don't think have the same absorbancy of either the abena's or the 24/7's. All of the diapers you are considering have plastic backing (do not get the Air Plus Abenas they suck) leak guards and elastic waist bands.

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    They're the best I have ever used. However, I have not tried Bambino, etc. I plan to this spring break.

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    Absolutely plastic backing for me! None of that shameful cloth stuff! Ugh! That should be illegal... except for the people who like it :P... but coming to plastic backing this might be what makes me decide which ones....

    What high quality brand we have been talking about is the most crinkly! I love the crinkles! Thanks for all the input everyone.


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    Well... i winded up getting abena x-plus! Just because I was not sure on the size for 24/7 and different website. I have only ordered once online and that was xpmedical so I knew how they worked. Its being sent to ups for hold for pick up. excited! Thanks for help everyone... I also got a case...(last time I only got a bag... now i have to figure out how i am going to hide all of those lol.. my safe only holds one bag. HEHE.


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