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Thread: 28" waist and no size small diapers?

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    Unhappy 28" waist and no size small diapers?

    Its so rare to find anything that works good, only thing that fits really good is tranquility small. I tried all these medium sized abdl diapers and they all are quite huge! Why is there no size small option? Any ideas of something i can do to make the size mediums work without reconstruction?

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    I believe the Molicares come in small unless something has changed. Maybe look into those?

    I'm not sure how to manipulate mediums to work smaller unfortunately

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    Heya! I found a few diaper brands that have size smalls. They're not ABDL brands, but they're good!

    - Abena Abri-form Premium, cloth-like - (Not an ABDL brand, unfortunately.)
    - Molicare Super Plus Brief -
    - Tena Slip Maxi -

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    Default sells them mad cheap

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    A lot of brands don't have that size, but some will fit 28 inches perfectly. Molicare and Dry 24/7 small fits me but Tena's small are a bit too tight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shane3498 View Post
    Its so rare to find anything that works good, only thing that fits really good is tranquility small. I tried all these medium sized abdl diapers and they all are quite huge! Why is there no size small option?
    To be fair, most people that need a small adult diaper can fit into the largest baby diapers.

    Also you have to look at the demographic, the number of people in that narrow size range is pretty small by comparison with those that are outside it. Manufacturers will target larger markets more heavily than smaller markets.

    "Uniquely designed tab-style diaper for children, teens and adults, who have outgrown the baby diaper sizes and have trouble finding an adult size that fits properly. Fits thinner legs better than X-Small and Small adult sizes. Ideal for shorter torso."

    Northshore are already known for being smaller than average anyway. And they're known for being a fairly good quality diaper with high capacity. No front/rear elastic unfortunately.

    they sell both small AND x-small. x-xmall claims to start at 20", and that's too small for some babies!

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    I'm also 28" waist (damn swim team) and I've really liked the small sized Northshore diapers. They're quickly becoming my go-to diaper. I haven't tried fitting into baby diapers recently simply because its actually MORE complicated for me to get storebought baby diapers than it is online, ordered diapers at the moment (due to living situation). But the Northshores have really been great.

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    I also have this problem, same waist size but I don't have any options, and I agree, medium diapers are huge :| your best bet would be those northshore diapers

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    I'm of similar waist and hip dimensions (29 inch waist, 31 inch hips), and I've found the following diapers to work:

    Tena slip maxi small:

    Molicare super plus small:

    Dry 24/7 small: (these are slightly bigger than the other smalls, which is perfect for me but possibly undesirable for anyone smaller)

    Northshore size small (cloth backed but not too bad):

    Abena S4 (absorbency is fine but they suffer from all of the cloth backed issues):

    I've also done just fine getting most mediums to work (abena, molicare, XP, tena), the key is to try and cinch it up everywhere. Just make sure the waistband is tight enough not to fall down, and the leg openings are loose enough to not stretch or pop the tapes if you flex your leg. The pocket that will get created in the bottom of the diaper is actually beneficial to you, as it gives liquids a place to go that isn't straight out the leg openings.

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