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    Red face Fantastic book!

    Someone suggested a book I found on Kindle called "There's a Baby In My Bed" and after reading the entire 200 pages; it was an amazingly informational book dedicated to the ABDL (mainly AB) lifestyle.
    I highly suggest it for Parents of littles, and littles too.
    It's full of a lot of great information, support and ideas for taking care of littles; and help for significant others to understand and support their little.
    Love it had to share!

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    Yes, very enlightening. It helped me to understand myself better.

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    Amazon has it for Kindles and Barnes and Noble has it for Nooks. I don't believe it is available for free, so read the reviews and decide whether or not you want to spend the money.

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    It was 9.99 on kindle, and personally I felt it was well worth it!
    Still thankful it was suggested!

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