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Thread: Help! PSU might be working might not!

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    Default Help! PSU might be working might not!

    I have a PC power and Cooling silencer 750 watt, and when I turn it on the MOBO lights up (All I have in is MOBO and case fans) but the fans don't spin, so I plugged in a flash drive and it light up, I have my 24 and 8 pin connected. What's the problem?

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    EDIT: Disregard the following. I misread your post.

    By the MOBO light, do you mean the so called "flea light"? A small LED of the motherboard itself? If so, it's sadly not a guarantee that your PSU (or motherboard for that matter) is working correctly.

    I'd try reseating all the connectors to the motherboard as well as reseting the BIOS, preferably with the CMOS jumper. If that fails, perform full a teardown. That is to say, disconnect one part at a time from the motherboard and try booting without it. That way you'll find if any particular device is preventing a boot.

    Good luck.

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    Well if the rest of the computer turns on but the fans don't I would assume the only power supply going to the computer is indeed working. or you got a rather large battery hiding inside your computer.

    Anyways is the fan on the Power Supply Unit working?

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