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Thread: School

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    Default School

    Which diapers do you wear to school? For girls that is

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    I wouldn't count on getting any answers to this thread...there are only a hand full of girls here and I'm relatively certain they don't wear to school.

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    Default Well....

    But surely someone (boy or girl) has tried wearing diapers to school not just in stories

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    Oh I'm sure there's at least a couple guys out there who have. But girls, now that's another story.

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    Default so

    So you've never worn a diaper to school?

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    Never, that's way too much of a risk! I've worn them damn near everywhere else though. Even to random places like Disneyland and stuff...which I suppose you don't have in the UK anyway.

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    how do you hide the bulk and noise

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    Compression shorts and jeans. The bulk isn't such a big deal unless you're wearing Abenas or something. Regular diapers aren't big enough to make it obvious. There's hardly any noise when you're in public. You'll be the only one who notices.

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    which brand. Mine are bulky even under my school skirt

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