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    I went to a cool docter the other day who tested me for food allergies. He gave me a copper tube to hold on to and sent an electrucal current through my body (so small I couldn't even feal it) at various points on my hands and feet. The machine he used would read the current that made it too the copper tube and show on the computer if anything was amis. Well, something was. So he went on his computer and highlighted random foods and sent the current through me again. Aparently the computer could tell through the current if whatever was highlighted on the computer was causing the problem. He tested things like fruits, chicken, dairy, wheat, and a bunch of other random foods. It turns out that I'm allergic to both dairy and wheat. He gave me a bunch of vitamin pills to take a bunch of times a day, and I have to avoid dairy and wheat products.

    I learned that a food allergie doesn't nessacaraly mean hives and upset stomic. I've always had a poor attention span and poor memory, and this doctor is betting that these allergies are the cause of it. So in a month we'll see if he's right.

    Well today was my first day on my new diet, and I learned that pritty much everything has either dairy or wheat in it! I have no idea what I'm going to eat for lunch now because everything I normally ate is bad now. The onlything in my lunch that I can still have is a juice box! Maby I can make this a blog. I've never done a blog before.

    so does anyone else have food allergies?

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    No allergies to food that I'm aware of. I have developed an intolerance for lactose in milk and ice cream products, and have to use Lactaid milk instead of regular to avoid bloating and stomach pain.


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    I don't have any food allergies but they do run in my family. They run on my fathers side and they skip a generation and only on male side. What is it? Thats a little complected, fish but not all fish. My dad can eat most fresh water fish and anything with a shell. Several of my uncles also have this along with my great grandfather. So if I ever have kids my son/s may not be able to eat to fish.

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    I don't have any defined food allergies, but i'm sensitive to sauces generally, i.e. they cause my face to dry out for some reason, which is perculiar as I do not spread barbecue sauce all over my face. :-/ Never quite been able to explain that one, neither have I.

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    wow, alergic to bread and milk. Good luck, man.

    I'm not alergic to anything but cold weather.

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    I don't have any known allergies, which is weird because pretty much everyone else in my family has allergies.

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    Some type of spices. EH I eat them any way. D: Got I love them so much but they make me cry.
    I'm also allergic to red dye #40 .

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    I'm not allergic to any food.

    As far as I know the only thing I am allergic to is something in bubble bath.

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    Well I guess you could say I have an allergy to something related to food or its consumption, for the longest time I felt very strange sensations around my mouth when eating with metal tableware. When alerted to my pediatrician I was told I must have an allergy to the metal of the utensils.

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    The only thing I'm allergies to is Tide laundry soup (it give me a rash if I wear any clothes wash by using that soup) and Penicillin.

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