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Thread: Slight self doubt over my lust tendancies

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    Default Slight self doubt over my lust tendancies

    On a popular social network site, I posted a couple of images of a well-known female TV presenter in the UK, dressed in a school uniform. She wasn't overly naked in the pics at all and had lengthy (fake) pigtails and a lollypop, which she was slightly using provocatively, but nothing explicit at all.

    A friend of mine commented that lusting after a woman wearing a school uniform and pigtails was/is a bit creepy. I panicked right away, apologised and deleted the post.

    It was then I realised the certain conclusions some people *may* jump to, in light of recent worldwide sexual scandals involving under age people.

    I do not condone this in any way. Indeed, the post was a mere teenage-esque, lust-fueled act.

    I do not mean to portray women in a demeaning way. Unfortunate it may be, my fetishes involve seeing members of the opposite sex embarrassed or regressing, as I like to do - thus, a school uniform fits into this jigsaw. But, regardless, I still see the person in the uniform as a *woman*. That's the whole point.

    Right now though, I feel a little guilty still about the whole thing and I'm beginning to question the whole personal lust I hold. I mean no offense to anybody and I admit I am looking for some guidance and reassurance on the matter.

    Thanks for reading

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    You shouldn't feel guilty about your lusts and desires. There isn't much you can do to change that, much in the same way that I can't choose to not desire diapers.

    Let people think what they are going to think - what difference does it make? I post thing on facebook with a few friends of mine for a good laugh that others find distasteful (nothing overly hateful, just stuff that is a bit edgy) and frankly I could care less if someone is shocked or upset by it. I am who I am. I'm not going to be racist, sexist, nationalist, or discriminatory and I'm not going to disadvantage anyone, but I have my opinions and tastes and those tastes may differ significantly for a few of my friends. Which, if they don't like what I'm posting they are free to voice their opinion, but it isn't going to change mine nor is it going to make me feel guilty about what I like.

    That being said, you weren't out of line...I see that kind of stuff on people's pages from time to time anyways. I will say that you take risks posting things on social media sites, considering people that look at your page that may be hiring/employing you, etc., but I never put anything up there that would ever demonstrate that I'm a bad person. I just happen to like some edgy comedy and there are things I filter out and never post because while I may find it funny, others may look at it and think poorly of my character, but at the end of the day the world keeps on spinning and people are going to be entrenched in their thoughts and opinions.

    That is my look on it - I'd say you have nothing to feel guilty for but saying you have nothing to be guilty for doesn't solve the problem or erase the guilt. The message I'm trying to convey is that you have your life and your own interests, and others may find them questionable because they are different from their own - but try not to let that get under your skin. I'll bet there are things about your friend that if you found out you might think those things were weird. We are all weird in our own ways!

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    When you're lusting after real children and not an adult dressed like one, that's when it's time to be concerned. Expect that you may have to defend this position from people who don't get it. It's no different from rape fantasies or the like. Sexual desire creeps into funny places but I would say it's pretty defensible when the starting point is consenting adults.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    When you're lusting after real children and not an adult dressed like one, that's when it's time to be concerned. Expect that you may have to defend this position from people who don't get it. It's no different from rape fantasies or the like. Sexual desire creeps into funny places but I would say it's pretty defensible when the starting point is consenting adults.
    Couldn't agree more with this. I'm glad you posted this Trevor because I meant to say that as long as your sexual interests involve consenting adults then no one should has a position to say that it is "wrong".

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    I was thinking the same as Trevor. In fact, I often think like Trevor, which must be terribly frightening for him. More seriously, he just always makes sense.

    Ironically, there are plenty of commercial diaper/photo sites that post pictures of women dressed in the private school plaid girls dresses with their diapers showing. I reference DD photos. There's a world of difference between fantasizing over women dressed as girls, the whole Lolita thing, and actually being attracted to young girls. For those making the association on social networks, they need to get out more. It's no longer the 20th century and this isn't your sister's parochial school outfit!

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    Hello all, thank you so so much for your replies. It really has made me feel more comfortable and gave me such willingness to try and take this weight of my mind. I don't wish to delve too much into the issue, but my mind has been concerned with this issue and I haven't been able to let it rest (part of longstanding issues).

    As I say thank you all, I mean that. I read every reply and am grateful for the advice. The whole uniform-lust thing is something I've been attracted to for a while, but it might still take a little while for me to disassociate it with what happened on social media.

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    This is a good topic. I, too sometimes feel conflicted about my desires. As much as it seems taboo, I can't help myself liking pictures of girls in diapers. All pictures come from sources that use consenting adults. It still gives me pause.

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    There is an "adult shop" in our town that currently has three mannequins in the window.

    One wearing a leather skirt, a short black latex top, fishnets and a riding crop. The second one is a naughty nurse. Short white PVC skirt and shirt, with a stethoscope.

    The third is wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Plaid skirt, white shirt, red tie, white knee socks.

    The naughty schoolgirl fantasy is big. I think it's very prevalent in a lot of omorashi/desperation and wetting themed fantasies. It's a fetish of mine, but of course only with consenting adults.

    Don't read too much into others reactions if they don't share or get it.

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    Hi there plasticsounds I am the same way, I always have slight doubts and pauses before I view what I want to see regarding lust. There has been an occasion where I have accidentally and completely unexpectedly clicked on a site which was inappropriate and have always sought to get rid of it as soon as something like that happens, as I did then. It often comes with a fraction of guilt. That is just something which rests in my internal framework.

    Wombat - thanks for your words too, sometimes I take comments to heart and shouldn't let those in this matter reflect how I continue on my journey. My lust drives are, of course, mine

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