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Thread: Good Online Store & Which diapers?

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    Default Good Online Store & Which diapers?

    I want for the first time buy diapers... As i won't go into a store no matter what (don't try to convince me, please...^^), i want to order them online. I'm still living at home, and my parents are on Holidays for a week, returning maybe Friday or later, don't know exactly...
    Now, i would need an online store which would deliver until Thursday if ordered today (living in Germany), and which has neutral packing, including no return address like "Diaper Store" or similar... So that even if a neighboor gets the package because i am not at home won't expect anything...

    And, if you have a good shop for me, i could need some diapers suggestion, best would be if possible to order single diapers or so... I think i like rather thick diapers, i won't carry them if someone is around or someone might come... So it does not matter if you see that i am wearing them ;-) I might wet them (probably rather much), though, so they should be able to take that [e] and disposables, i won't have much chances to wash them ^^ [eČ] and they should be sitting rather tight... i guess that is just a question of which size i buy, however some tips here would be good... I'm about 1,80m, rather slim and my taille is about 80cm...

    If the package comes when my parents are back home already... I guess they would not ask for it's content, as they never really do, but if so, i will think of an excuse before the situation comes up.

    Thank you!
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    That's pretty much all the good places. I've never got the chance to order online, so I'm afraid I can't say which one is best. As for which diaper is best... again, I'm unsure, but I think the Abena X-Plus are generally considered to be one of the thickest and most absorbent diapers you can get.

    Oh, and another place you could shop is on e-bay. Just search "adult diapers" and see what you find!

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    Hey, i found a shop which looks really good, and you can order single diapers...
    Site is also available in english.

    So, you think that one e.g. would fit me?

    And which other ones could you suggest? So i can test a few... If possible please from that shop ;-) Thaaaaanks!

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    Well, I think it will depend on
    • how far you are from the shipping office
    • your method of payment
    • the shipping method (post or DHL)

    If you are close enough, paying with credit card, and shipping with DHL it is possible the package will arrive in 4 days.

    Note: The company says they will ship within 24 hrs of receiving your payment.

    If you are paying by PayPal, unless you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account (or your PayPal account is 'backed by' a credit card) this could take 2-3 days.

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    0,00 EUR
    2 4163-1 Abri Form xPlus medium ,Slip, weiss , Stueck
    2,04 EUR
    2 3942056-1 Tena Pants Super Medium, Einzelstueck , weiss/gruen 3,68 EUR
    2 77079-1 Euron Mobi Pants Super Medium Einzelstueck
    2,50 EUR
    2 3114891-1 Molicare Mobile Super Gr.2 medium, Einzelstueck , weiss
    2,62 EUR
    2 1692200-1 NEU:MoliFlex Premium super medium Einzelstueck weiss/lila
    1,96 EUR

    Warenwert: 12,80 EUR

    Made an Order :-) I guess 10 should be enough for now... I will transfer the money, maybe it is not here thursday, i hope it comes friday, saturday would be sup-optimal, but monday and later is okay again, as my parents work looong hours... And then i can wear diapers for the first time in... about ~10-12 years

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