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Thread: This is definitely a find...

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    Smile This is definitely a find...

    I've never really known, untill recent, that there are others like me, out there... I mean, I've always thought that there may be, but to find so many people that feel as I do, it's like a haven... Anyways, I'm from New York, 17, and am your stereotypical "computer nerd" type. There's been some issues in my life (family-wise, school and work are absolutely no problem for me), including those involving keeping my secrets a secret, and that leads me to how I found this place. I've been a DL, and somewhat of a TB, for quite some time now, but most recently, due to more resources, I have been able to explore this. I am glad to find others like me. I started reading topics here, with, at first, I admit, no intention to post/become actively involved, but after reading, I feel this has already been of great help to me, and that I should become active in this community. I hope to become a productive member of this community, and to be able to fit in here, just as everyone else does.

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    If you say that you are from NY...why does it say you are from Austria?

    Anyway, nice to meet you. This place is awesome and you will love it. Don't be shy, post post post.


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    Hey there welcome! I'm sure you will love it here I know I do.

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    Austria is the New York of Europe/Asia (Whatever continent it falls in)

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    Quote Originally Posted by adaffme149 View Post
    Anyways, I'm from New York, 17,
    I could have my profile saying I'm in Ireland but still say I'm from London.
    Doesn't have to be in NY to say he's from NY.

    Welcome Adaffme.

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    Yes, I did, indeed, put it in my profile that I am in Austria. I am not, in fact, in Austria, but do wish to live there, or near there (Germany, or something else close to it). Sorry if it confuses any of you.
    Edit: I changed the location to where I am, and just included an explanation that I only wish to live there, in the box where you can write anything you wish. Sorry for the confusion. By the way, FMA is a great show. [Off-topic, yes... Just thought I'd say that.]

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    Just curious: Why would you like to live in Austria or near Germany?

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    Because, as much as I like this country, we're going to h*ll in a handbasket, pardon the expression. Our economy is going down the tubes, and our legal and political system is a joke. Our government completely sucks, and I, personally, have taken a liking to Germany and the surrounding areas, in the many years I have taken German in school. I don't know if it's one of those, "the grass is always greener on the other side" situations, or what, but I'd like to go over to Europe to live. I apologize in advance if this offends anybody.

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