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    Greetings fellow travellers.
    I am somewhat new to this whole scene and am still a bit shocked to find others like me.
    For most of my life I thought I was some sort of freak, doomed to keep my "little secret" forever. I would wrack my brain, trying to remember some sort of horrible event or abuse in the distant past which would explain my odd proclivities, but there was none.
    It has been a struggle for me to accept the fact that I am a Diaper Lover for no other reason than...I just am. To say that I am now completely okay with this would be a lie. There will always be a small part of me that rejects my fetish as discusting and shameful, but I refuse to be overcome with theese feelings. As I read the stories of other people who have come to terms with who they are, and see the similarities with my own, I feel much less alone.
    With the help of this site and others like it, the little voice of guilt in my head grows weaker each day.
    To be perfectly clear, I'm not here to hook up with anyone or join in any struggle for public acceptance. I just want to let all of you know that a huge weight is lifted from my soul by knowing that you are out there somewhere. I may not share your bravery, but I most certainly admire it.

    Thank You All,

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    Well, I can't say much about my bravery (mostly because it is not very strong) but I do feel at home with my fetish here in this atmosphere. It is easy to talk about it because everybody else is in pretty much the same boat and either has gone through what I am or is getting ready to do it.

    So, welcome to the community, SneakyDL, and I hope you become comfortable with your own form of <whatever>. It's so much easier to talk about it now . . .

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    Welcome welcome. Like skinnypuppy said, we're all here as a support community and have our own experiences. I thought I was all alone, and then I did a little research on the internet. Thanks to Wikipedia and ADISC, I now know that this is not the case at all!!

    I hope this community helps you feel a little more comfortable about this stuff. See you around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sneakydl View Post
    Greetings fellow travellers.
    Wasn't that from old Dr. Who episodes? No?

    Welcome to ADISC, Sneakydl.

    I'm a bit of a reformed lurker myself, but have found forums like this to be invaluable. Where else can we get such relevant information and unconditional support?

    I'm also glad to know you're out there somewhere.

    Post some stuff--looking forward to conversing with you.

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