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Thread: 10 hour drive diaper selection help

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    Default 10 hour drive diaper selection help

    Hi there! I've been into diapers as long as I can remember and usually stick to doubling up combos of goodnites and depends. I have ordered super dry kids but was disappointed and haven't had a chance to try out any other premium diapers.

    in 2 weeks I'm flying to another city to pick up a car and driving back. its about a 9 hour drive. obviously i want to drive back padded =] In the city I'm going to there are multiple medical stores I can stock up at and get some "real" diapers.

    I have seen all the reviews and I see molicares, arenas, and ten as available at the store but there are quite a lot of different models of each.

    I want the thickest widest most absorbent one I can find out of these three. which brand and model should I get?

    Thanks =]

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    You have two weeks? Don't bother with what's available in the local stores. Its likely NOT the thickest available in those brands. It rarely is

    Dunno if you remember a while back, some NASA lady drove a long, long way wearing the special "Maximum Absorbant Garment"?

    Well, you too, can buy the "NASA diapers"!
    They claim to be able to take several hours of punishment before needing changed??

    I've personally done a handful of 12+ hour drives over the years to an fro. OH Yes!
    Wear a diaper!!! For sure! an have plenty of coffee/tea/soda/water to keep hydrated with.
    Its like the Beach Boys used to sing about ... Good, Good, Good. Good Hydration.
    Typically however, I will use a booster in a thick & comfy diaper. I don't mind changing my diaper in a public restroom though.
    Bean doing it for years!

    Abena M/L 4 (formerly known as X-Plus) and the Molicare Super Plus are great.
    You may wish to put some plastic panties over the diaper, just in case of leaks?
    Abena's Abri-Let Maxi boosters are FANtastic! I would NOT recommend you put more than two in
    any diaper however. Unless you just want to leak???
    Tranquility ATN should be available in local medical supply shops. They also have a fairly decent
    booster (the contour one holds 13oz if memory serves). If it's all that's available, it'll work.

    You have two weeks. You can order NASA diapers and go for a drive in the countruh ...
    drive safe quimosabe'

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    I would suggest the Abena Abriflex Premium 3. The ease and convenience of a pull up, and the capacity of a major league adult diaper.

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    bellissimos or dry 24/7's would be best...but since those aren't actually options I'd go abena

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    Many medical/health supply stores carry tranquity. I drive a commercial truck- I use tranquity overnight or a abena with tranquity boosters

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    Either the molicares or abenas will work best for your long journey. Since you will be sitting remember when you wet your pee pee will usually concentrate in the front of your diaper. Usually I just lift my bottom up slightly to allow for some of the wetness to transfer to the back of my diaper. Even with thicker diapers on I have sprung a leak ir two. Have you contemplated changing during your journey? I travel a lot and am always padded. I enjoy changing at rest areas or gas stations so I actually wear thinner diapers to allow for more changes

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    Every 6 or 7 months I drive about 7 or 8 hours north to go on a meditation retreat. I usually end up wearing a northshore with an abena maxi booster in it. I've also worn molicare or abena m4s with the same booster. It usually takes care of me the entire way there. Northshore is usually the safer bet for me since they came out, seems to hold more or at least is easier to know before they start leaking than most any other diaper I have worn (once it begins to wick a bit in the back, you had best change before wetting again). I would assume dry 24/7s would do as well, I only recently got a case of those, so never tried them over long distances. I hate having to change while traveling, especially since its hard to bring a diaper with you to gas station restrooms to change. Almost all rest areas are closed or lack restrooms on my route, so its usually fast food places or restrooms where I end up changing if I had to. I usually end up tossing the diaper on my last stop, since its too quiet in a retreat setting to be wearing crinkly pants.

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    I drove yesterday for 11 hours wearing a abena l4 it was enough for the whole journey. over i wear PUpants, those are great to avoid any smells and to avoid small leakages, incidentally i was on a roadtrip in Europe for the last two weeks and i was diapered for most of the time, it was great to not having to stop so often and very convenient for example when i got stuck in a 2hrs "Stau" on the autobahn, did however wear a tena slip maxi when going around as they are more discrete than a l4, but needs changing after about 5- 6hrs, but changing in a gas station etc is no trouble, i had a small backpack that i took with me, i dont think anyone suspects and you also see others time to time bringing small backpacks from the car, the backpack might as well contain cameras and other valuables that one doesent want to leave out of sight in the car.

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    When I have to change and don't want to bring in a back pack I have small white kitchen bags in my back pack for disposing of the used diapers. I simply put s fresh diaper in the plastic bag and head into the mall or where ever and no one can tell I am carrying a diaper. Once changed simply put the used diaper into the bag and even if there is no garbage can in the bathroom you can take it with you and drop in the closest bin on the way back to the car.

    I prefer not to have to carry my back pack in less I need to change my pants as well.

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