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Thread: Diaper suggestions for the larger person

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    Default Diaper suggestions for the larger person

    So I bought my first pack of diapers earlier and I think I made a mistake. I got the cheap Assurance diapers in large from Walmart. I didn't realize that they were not pull-up and they seem to be a bit small.

    That being said, I'm looking for suggestions on what would be best for a larger person who is new to wearing diapers. I should also note that I don't need diapers, but I would like to train myself to be able to use the bathroom without needing to be at a toilet.

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    Forget the box store diapers they are cheap and thin find a supplier for premium diapers like Abena and dry 24/7
    I tried the Attends and depends brands and did not fin the comfortable and reliable you need a premium diaper that you can trust and not worry that it will leak, a proper fitting premium diaper might cost more but not much per diaper but the money is well spent for peace of mind and reliability

    I flood with out warning (OAB) add I have come to trust the premium diapers to the point that if I start to wet while talking to some one or walking or even driving I just keep doing what I was doing trusting the diaper to do its job and not leak.

    Once you find the correct premium diaper that fits you correctly and is comfortable buy a bag and if they are right for you order by the case I recommend 2 cases at a time and when crack open you last case please the order for 2 more. This way you will not run out if the diapers you like are on back order for a couple of weeks .

    These are the diapers I use.

    Abena air Plus level 4
    Abena Origional plastic backed version
    Dry 24/7 diapers

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