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Thread: When starting out as a Adult baby?

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    Default When starting out as a Adult baby?

    Has anyone had any adult furniture or crib? Was thinking about it, wanted to know if any one has one or tried it, reviews, please

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    I think you got the wrong forum, this probably belongs in "Adult Babies & Littles" ^_^ to answer your question though I've never tried any stuff like that, I've never had the chance too but I've never seen the appeal of them anyway. When I was a baby I used to always try to escape my crib so maybe that's why?

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    Never tried abdl furniture although my house is littered with toys, bottles, baby food, stuffies, etc... You name it I have it! Always wanted to try a crib though.. Lots of conventions like USLittles & capcom (if you're in america) have abdl furniture but they are pricey retreats.... Hope to go to one someday :p

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    ok thanks. And didn't know there was a separate area for that.

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    I don't have any, but my Daddy and I are planning for a crib and whatnot when we move in together in the next year or so. c: I am curious on how to make such furniture though..

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