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Thread: Suicide Prevention Help Lines

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    Default Suicide Prevention Help Lines

    Suicide Prevention Information

    If you are at high risk of suicide or in need of immediate assistance please call 911 now or your local emergency number.
    If you live in the United States and you need someone to speak to about your suicidal feelings, please call one of the following national suicide prevention lines:
    1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

    1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

    If you live outside of the United States and need to speak to someone, please go to the link below for International Hotlines outside of the United States. When you click on your country you will find a list of helplines in your area.
    Transgender Helpline (US) 1-877-565-8860

    The fact that you are visiting this section is a very positive sign. It shows that deep down you do not want to harm yourself and that you really just want the pain to go away. These feelings are not uncommon and although they seem overwhelming right now, they do not last forever and should not be acted upon. There are people at ADISC who care about you and want to help see you through this. Strong suicidal feelings can sometimes be the result of a mental health issue which has been left unmanaged and can be treated. There is help available.

    Since you're still reading this, you are hopefully a little unsure about committing suicide. The fact that you are alive means at least a part of you wants to live. Hang on to that! You've struggled to stay alive this long. Just commit to staying alive for one more day. You can use this time to call one of the helplines listed above, contact a friend, or just put some distance between yourself and these feelings. If you are still unsure but can't hold on any longer, then please consider getting yourself to a local hospital. They are there to help with these emergencies.

    Feeling suicidal doesn't mean you want to die. You just have more pain than you can cope with right now, and it feels like the world is falling apart around you. When pain exceeds the coping resources, suicidal thoughts are the result. It's important to know that many people here at ADISC also live with depression or suicidal ideation. Living with ABDL tendencies can be rewarding, but it has often led to loneliness and isolation for many of us. That's why this group is so important. These issues are hard enough to live with by themselves, but if they are compounded with family matters or financial difficulties it can feel like all these weights are being added on to your shoulders an you just can't hold up any longer. When that happens we are here to help you through this with both emotional and practical support from people who are nonjudgmental, caring and experienced. We will not argue with you, or try to talk you out of badly you feel. We will simply care for you. Just don't feel that you have to deal with this on your own. We all feel this way at some point in our lives but remember this: The world is a better place with you in it.

    I Am Alive Campaign (video)

    Suicide Prevention Websites

    UK website:

    Canada Website:



    New Zealand:

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    Can I just make a change here. I have used the hotlines a fair bit and I checked out your international link for Australia and they're very outdated or not useful ones. The Befrienders International Australia gave me a laugh because it isn't more than 5 minutes drive from me yet I don't even know it.

    Australia's best hotlines are

    Kids Help Line (If you are under 25 years old) 1800 55 1800
    Life Line 13 11 44
    Mens Line 1300 78 99 78

    Or 000 for emergency services of course.

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    Hopeline is ABDL aware: 1.800.442.4673 / (web chat).

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    Here is a list of instant messaging, text, and email hotlines organized by country:

    In the US, The Suicide Prevention Lifeline has a chat service which runs 2PM to 2AM Eastern time:

    This site provides an semi-interactive map for suicide hotlines worldwide:

    Also, I found a note on the reddit suicide watch list that 1-800-SUICIDE is no longer a published number and while still active, may stop working at some point in the future (I can't confirm the validity though).

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    I'd like to add one like to add this link to an amazing non-profit organization called To Write Love On Her Arms.

    This group has helped millions of people struggling with depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and addictions.. They have given hope to so many people and pointed many more to proper support and referrals.

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    The Trevor Project is a national organization in the US which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people between the ages of 13 to 24.

    They can be reached at 1-866-488-7386.

    You can also visit their website at

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    Anyone who has somethingbyo grt off there chest can also email confidently,they will answer your letters and they all call themselves "joe" it's a good support on the net you discuss things bothering you,yhry are based out of Europe.

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    Here is another one for anyone in the Pennsylvania area 1-855-HOPE-611. This is the Foundation For Hope Hopeline.

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    Confidential online support for crisis and suicide prevention.
    International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) - Resources: Online Crisis Intervention Services

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    I am currently FAR from suicide, but have been there in the past. Finding (A) Acceptance (B) Help was important.
    I found Help through psychotherapy and acceptance through the unconditional love by and through rescue dogs.
    Find a way through, no matter how.
    If I had succeeded 12 yrs ago, 20+ dogs and cats would not have been able to live.

    p.s. Pets don't tell secrets.

    If you are in pain, reach out to others.
    Thank you. This thread has helped reinforce me.
    i.e. Been there, done that, too much pain caused by ME to others. It's easier to be honest.

    (If this was inappropriate, delete.) Thank you Moo

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