So throughout my searching of diapers and such alot of people recommended tranquility atn's as a really good budget diaper. so i figured. id tried their slimlines and liked em so they must just be better versions and went looking for a case as cheap as i could find. and i found a case for 65 USD with free shipping. no taxes. just 65 bucks and i havent found any cheaper ( maybe someone knows other places i dont though lol ) the site looked iffy but i figured id give it a shot. i got the diapers in 2 days. i ordered snuggies at the same time and they are still 2 days away and i ordered em on the 5th. HUGE NOTE THOUGH, and reason for the *. i sent them an email asking if it was discreet shipping and i received a email back not 4 hours later ( was surprised by the response time ) saying that it was discreet and that it was shipped in the same box it is sent to them in. upon getting my package. they were right and wrong. it wasnt discreet. it was the same box it was sent to them in. but it wasnt anywhere near discreet. it didnt say diapers but it has the tranquility logo on it twice along with a count of the packages inside. then the shipping paper wasnt inside. it was outside the box. it was folded towards the inside at least but it was easily accessible to read if someone wanted to. so if your looking for cheap atns without the most discreet of shipping but fast as hell, your welcome. if not. im sorry :/ i really wish it had been more discreet. but oh well. ( ill try to post pics of the packaging in the morning after work to show you guys if your interested ) Thanks. hope this helps someone.