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Thread: Are you ever just not in the mood...

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    Default Are you ever just not in the mood...

    For diapers?

    This whole weekend, I spent no time in diapers. Last weekend I spent almost the whole weekend wearing them. I don't know why, just have not felt like it in the last couple of days.

    I have gone through this before. I know for a fact it wont last.

    But, it seems to happen more when the weather gets warmer. Seems there are other things to keep me occupied (cycling, boating). Also, wearing a disposable diaper when it is warmer than 60, to me, is just not comfortable.

    Anyone else go through this?

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    Yep. I am right now not really in the mood for diapers. I think it may partly be because of the binge/purge cycle, but with the cycle becoming less extreme.

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    I go in cycles as well, but have been wanting to wear 24hrs more and more lately, which I never imagined before. Not entirely sure why. But I have some activities and times I am not interested, and thats ok, not to mention saves money.

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    I have my ups and downs as well. I also seem to have less desire during the summer, and I've often wondered if it's related to some sort of bio-rhythm in my case. I do a lot of biking during the summer, and I've wondered if that changes some of my body chemistry?

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    I went about two years without being in the mood. These days, I go months without being in the mood. Even when the mood does strike, it's usually for a night, then I'm done again. Friday night, I doubled up and wore into Saturday afternoon. Now, I'm probably good again for a few weeks.

    I'm a big believer in wearing only when I feel like it, which I suppose is good for my diaper budget since I'm not in the mood that much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBride View Post
    Also, wearing a disposable diaper when it is warmer than 60, to me, is just not comfortable.
    60? 60? LOL!
    OK, its different for me, because well I really have no choice.
    If I'm sleeping, or even trying to sneak a weekend/day off nap I have a diaper on.
    So ya! here summers are HOT and HUMID eck! I mean like get out of the shower and you feel like you're already sweating, yuk!
    SO imagine a 90 degree day trying to get comfy wearing one, lol. Ain't easy.
    I don't even want to wear clothes on days like that except maybe for a pair of tiny thin sleep shorts.

    A lot of times I only wear them for sleeping, not during the day.
    But when I'm stressed out, upset, just wanna unplug and relax or know I'm probably gonna fall asleep on the couch reading or binge watching my fav shows then I wear one.
    With the week I had I've been them more then panties this weekend, and prob MOnday too cause I am NOT feeling work. Im sure my boss is thinking ya you take off Fri and MON! Are you on a bender? LOL, ok, maybe not but, more like havent left my house since Thurs except for essentials.

    Yes Im the "crazy-lady" girl you see food shopping at 1am in the morning wearing fuzzy sleep pants and a long coat. all I need now is 10-15 cats I will be set, right.

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    I've been in that mood a lot lately, but due to necessity, I'm always wearing in one form or another. Like right now, I've been wearing pullups and changing more frequently, except at night, with a little time in panties here or there to help make me feel a little normal. Though, it was kind of nice walking out of work in a nice thick bambino.

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    I just wear at night because I have to. If I had the chance to wear more often, I probably would.. but like everything else in life, there needs to be balance and the chance to change things up and alter routines. Some things do get old if done on a daily basis.

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    Yeah most of the time I'm just really not in the mood, or rather I'm just really indecisive most of the time, like I don't know what I want to do.

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    I went several months recently where although diapers were on my mind, I wasn't inclined to go the effort to wear very often. Everything's back to normal now, happily

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