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    So early this month I ordered from Awwsocute. The diapers came in 5 days, but were small. I ordered the medium, but their size is wonky. So, since I got my product in a timely fashion, I ordered 2 bags of Large. That was 11 days ago, and not a word.

    Anyone else have a great first impression then get the shaft? I wish they'd at least tell me I'm screwed. Looks like I'll be ordering my boutique diapers from Snuggies, which is great, as they are better anyway.


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    They aren't good with communication. Most complaints I see end up in either getting the charges reversed or the product showing up without communication. My two orders from them have been timely and accurate but given their expensive shipping and the high number of complaints, I probably won't order from them again unless they clean up their act.

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    Dang, sorry to hear about this. Hopefully, you'll either get them in the mail or be able to get it off your card.

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    I've bought a few times from them and had reasonable service. But the their reputation is declining I doubt
    that I'll buy anything from them.

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