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    Question Goodnites

    Does anyone know where I can buy goodnites online aside from Amazon? I can only use paypal to buy things. I want to be sure its discreet shipping and shipping doesn't cost an arm and a leg just because I live in Canada. I really don't want to pay 30 bucks for 12 goodnites.

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    No cash? What store chains are near you? Some may allow you to order online and pick up in the store--if they accept Paypal. That's a big "if". The trouble with ordering baby and youth diapers is that most sellers wouldn't be concerned about discreetness. After all, the buyer would "never" be the wearer.

    Is it really not possible to take cash to the supermarket and buy them there? Seems a dreadful waste of time and/or money to ship something like GoodNites unless you're buying by the case...

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    Any CVS or Walgreens in Canada? Or at least a pharmacy chain? Know the ones here in the states carry Goodnites.

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    Safeway, Superstore, and Walmart sell them in Canada.

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    I can't go to a supermarket, I don't have a liscense for one, and I have really bad social anxiety so I never go anywhere alone x(

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    You're got to find Canadian suppliers. I'm sure there's a few companies out there that deliver.

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    Why goodnites? Just out of curiosity. You may be able to buy a Amazon gift card with PayPal, then use that to get a case of goodnites off just say the item is a gift and it will ship discrete.

    Alternatively, is a Canadian company I've started ordering from. Kind of an erratic selection, not all things in all sizes and the like. I thought they had goodnites at one point but can't seem to find then anymore, but plenty of other options. They do discrete shipping on all their orders.

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    Default if you want a whole case of them. I think they offer free shipping if you order enough stuff. If you are going to order online you might want to get something that will actually fit properly. Go for some Abenas, Molicares or maybe one of the fancy printed diapers.

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    I would do that, but amazon doesn't accept payment with paypal so its the only reason why I haven't done that yet! I just ordered some molicare diapers off of rearz though !

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    E-bay has many listings for goodnites--just select your choice or come back tomorrow and there will probably be more.

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