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Thread: No diaper girls I can date

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    Angry No diaper girls I can date

    I just cant find a diaper girl friend and I've tried all the dateing sites and am just being ripped off when am asked to pay for to read messages.

    I tried incontince dateing and that was like one big con where every girl is fake.

    Am really upset because its like I live in the simpsons world and am the only person thats white

    I live in scotland btw.

    If anyone has any advice for me to find the right incontince/diaper fun girl then am all ears

    I am autsic as well just so you know

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    Give fetlife a try if you haven't already.

    It's free, and while there are plenty of creepy types, there are a lot of great people as well.

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    Maybe use the ABDL map, search for it on this site and you might get a female in the area of yours, who knows. You'll find someone eventually who will accept this side of you or will be into it as well.

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    Lol, good luck finding someone that is an actual female (no offense to the MTF crowd) and that isn't a lesbian in this community, mate, they're as rare as hens teeth.

    As above advice. Either that or try your luck with meets / cons...might get lucky...

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    Good luck looking. I've been looking for years. If you ever find one, let me know if she has a sister. But yeah, like was already mentioned, you might try Fetlife. I think all of the ABDL "dating sites" are scams. Never tried them myself, but heard lots of horror stories.

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    I think you would have better luck looking for someone who loves you. That's how I found my wife, and because she loves me unconditionally, she accepts who I am; accepts both my strengths and my faults. I love and take care of her, and she meets the needs of my baby side. It seems to all work out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    Lol, good luck finding someone that is an actual female (no offense to the MTF crowd) and that isn't a lesbian in this community, mate, they're as rare as hens teeth.

    As above advice. Either that or try your luck with meets / cons...might get lucky...
    *pokes head in*

    Oooh, me, rare?

    Although I must admit my asexuality means I'm not exactly straight either...

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    I'm a person who favors harsh truth.

    • Anywhere you go, ABDL (and similar) men greatly outnumber ABDL women.
    • Scotland isn't a huge country and doesn't have a ton of people (a little over 5M). The absolute number of ABDL women in Scotland, therefore, is probably very small.
    • Even if you meet an ABDL girl against the very steep odds, what are the odds that she's compatible with you in other ways? Remember, aside from ABDL, this is a random person.

    Look, there's a lot that goes into a successful partnership. Let me rail off a few things I have in common with my partner of 10+ years.

    • Ambitious, pursuing a well-paying and challenging career.
    • Enjoys similar hobbies- hiking, camping, kayaking, design, reading, cooking, science.
    • Wants a family in the same timeframe as me. And a home, and career advancement.
    • Similar religious views and moral outlook.
    • Sexually compatible- we're swingers which opens a ton of doors!
    • Both enjoy naturism and in social settings.
    • Enjoys the same level of work-life balance that I do.
    • Frankly, understands me and feels drawn to me.

    Now if I somehow lucked out and found a diaper girl to date, we'd have that in common. But what are the odds we have anything else? I'll be honest that around 11 years ago I met a girl in the diaper community who lived near me and wanted an ABDL guy to date. What happened? We got to talking and we learned fast that aside from diapers we had nothing in common. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. We both really wanted it to work but it was clear that it was never going to. I wouldn't even say we let it die between us; it died all on its own. Diapers are not enough for most people to build a relationship on. So going forward, you need to realize two things.

    One: You're not likely to find an ABDL girl for a mate. But that doesn't really matter because...
    Two: There's a good chance it isn't going to work out anyway.

    Look, I'm all about self-determination. Pursue happiness however you want to do so. But the fact is that the avenue where you're pursuing it has a very high chance of failure. It's easy to say that the risk is worth it, but that's because you're focusing on the ridiculously unlikely notion of the outcome you want. The risk is not worth it unless you beat the odds, and I'd be a lot of money on sheer statistics that you won't, no matter how great a guy you might be. The odds are so extreme that how great a guy you might be is virtually immaterial. If ABDL is so all-consuming that you can't possibly be happy without an ABDL mate, then you don't need ADISC- at least, not primarily. You need a psychologist.

    Personally, I gave up that route a long time ago because I realized everything I just typed here. I found an awesome girlfriend I'm notnow engaged to. Is she ABDL? No. But yesterday she put me in a diaper, told me that I'd better wet it for her, had sex with me (still in the diaper!) after I did, and then changed me into a fresh one. When you love someone a lot you do things that make them happy even when it's not your thing. She'll never be ABDL, but that doesn't mean I'm on my own. Don't find an ABDL. Find someone who loves you.
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    Some very sound advice from Dogboy and AEsahaettr.

    Let me sum it up: don't look for a diaper girl you'll come to love. Look for a girl you love who'll come to your diapers.

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    Its as Archie said just look for a girl who loves you and if she really loves you she will accept even the sides she doesnt like about you

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