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Thread: Wisdom Teeth

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    Angry Wisdom Teeth

    As I type this, I am in SO MUCH PAIN!

    I am 18 and my wisdom teeth started coming through a few months ago, been a little painful, the right one seemed to surface first and now the left one is coming through and it is so painful I hate it.

    I was woken at 6am this morning from this b***h and have pretty much been in pain since, been trying to fight it like a man I am lol.

    I don't have any teething products but I do have my pacifier which does help a little bit.

    Just a word of warning to anyone who hasn't had them come through yet you better get ready.

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    My wisdom teeth are a mess. One came through after the tooth next to it was pulled; I believe this is the only one that came through normally. The other top one made it most of the way through, but as far as I know not fully. The bottom two are impacted, but nevertheless have emerged through the gums somewhat, one more than the other; thanks to it I have a hole in my gums that gets filled with food. My mother doesn't believe in wisdom tooth removal - she had a bad experience with it - and thus I didn't get the impacted ones taken when I was in my teens. I don't have any dental insurance now, but luckily they don't give me too much trouble besides occasional pain. That one with the hole in my gums is probably rotting though.

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    Mine were a mess too, but I was fortunate enough that I never suffered much from them. All 4 ruptured through my gums at the same time. I discovered it when I was at an ice cream social thing at the park. I was eating the ice cream, and thought, "Mmm... what's that behind my teeth?... This ice cream doesn't have nuts..."

    Basically all 4 had ruptured, and I was feeling them with my tongue. Dentist wouldn't touch me, since his x-rays showed two of them had roots with a nerve wrapped around them. Two of them were also half under my molars.

    I've having a different kind of pain right now caused by a tumor in my spine. I know the agony. It sucks to be hurting to bad, and no way to make it stop. I hope you get to feeling better soon and can get some relief. Hopefully, you can get into a dentist or oral surgeon tomorrow. If the pain gets too bad, you might have to go to the ER for some pain pills, or see if you're parents will get you a shot of some whiskey or something like that. ( I'm not encouraging underage drinking. But done responsibly, under the supervision of a parent, some alcohol consumption will help to ease the pain.)

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    I never had mine come in. I am either lucky or lack wisdom.

    Instead of a paci there are teething rings that you use for teething babies. You stick them in the fridge and bite down on them for relief. Might work.

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    Ohh yes. If you can't find relief any other way, use zipperless's advice. I knew a few that used those. They said it helped them. (They weren't AB / DL so they didn't want to do it, but were willing to try anything. It helped some.

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    Some people are lucky to have their wisdom teeth mine had to be surgically removed. They were coming in at a angle and pressing my other teeth... Man that was so painful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattew View Post
    Dentist wouldn't touch me, since his x-rays showed two of them had roots with a nerve wrapped around them. Two of them were also half under my molars.
    I had the same problem but luckily it turned out to my advantage. My wisdom teeth were surgically removed but because the nerves were tangled around the roots the nerves were so traumatized that my jaw was numb for a couple of weeks and I didn't need any pain pills.

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    Don't remember much about having mine removed. I think I was 18 and I just remember the doctor saying I was cool as a cucumber before I knocked out.

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    I had only three of them and they were coming in sideways. So they where pushing all of my teeth forward. I had to have them removed because my front teeth hurt so bad.

    The one trick is to suck on new Black Tea bags. For some reason it sooths the discomfort.


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    Mine haven't come through yet. Its got me terrified because of the horror stories and my recent X-rays showing them growing in at odd angles. Kind of feels like having a ticking time bomb in my mouth.

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