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Thread: How many dipaers per day

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    Default How many dipaers per day

    How many diapers do you guys go through per day?

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    Usually just 1, sometimes 2. On an all-day weekend it can be 3-4.

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    I work from home most days, but have a wife that wants nothing to do with diapers, so I am typically limited to two. Usually I start the day with a Dry 24/7, have lots of coffee, and then change into a lesser diaper, like the Tena Super.


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    Depends, sometimes none, sometimes 1, max 2

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    I change after I get up and change again before I go to work. sometimes I don't have to change at all during the day. It depends on how wet I am. Sometimes I have to change before I go to bed and then I don't need to change after I get up.

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