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Thread: A question for the gents

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    Default A question for the gents

    Anybody find it difficult to wear at night, what with typical erections in your sleep? I find I either wake up cause the diaper is pinning me down painfully, or wake up in the morning with it pointing up and out of most of the padding. Anyone have this problem/potential solution?

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    Yup. I have definitely had to deal with this and I have an interesting - or not - aside that might explain why it is not such a problem for me...

    I am apparently rather average in the size department. I have excellent shape but am about 6" when erect. I think you can see that this makes it so that I end at a point just shy of the last bit of padding in any of the mediums I wear so it works out well.

    The aside is that I experimented with a male friend as a teenager - a not uncommon thing - and I had the misfortune to have a very well hung friend that must have been around ten inches hard and quite thick around. I am not gay, but I sure loved that instrument. The guy not so much as we eventually lost touch, but I never forgot that massive penis. I have had to deal with size envy ever since even though I know I am smack dead on average with a very nice look so I really have nothing to worry about...

    But I never forgot the feeling of that huge thing in my hands. So even though I knew better intellectually I have always wanted to be bigger... however... I also realized that I fit perfectly into a diaper, and given that I often use a diaper to masturbate or pee while erect I would lose that benefit if I were much larger so it really helped me accept something I could do little about. Our diaper fetish can actually promote mental health if applied properly!

    I still fantasize about having a huge wang, but it does not really bother me now like it used to. It really helps that it fits so nicely in a diaper it is almost like I was made to wear!

    So to answer your question, yes and no. As I mentioned a few times in other posts I am very careful to position myself pointing as straight up as possible both to ensure comfort as well as to control the flow as much as possible. As long as I flow straight forward I find the cuff guards do a great job of keeping me from leaking if I am pointed in the right direction. You confirmed my sense that I am perfectly proportioned for being a DL and I really have to say it makes me feel better about myself!

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    I've had that happen when I was just starting to wear, It was uncomfortable and you couldn't tape properly. If you wear more often that shouldn't be such a problem and if you do other things while wearing it'll go away, at least for me the solution was to wear more often and think about something else, you'll get used to it.

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    I had a slight problem like this when I first started wearing at night, but I think it was due to inexperience in how to properly diaper myself. As far as it being above the padding, I found that since I left Depends and started wearing ABU, Bambino and Cuddlez, I don't have that problem anymore.

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    you can go with an oversize diaper to increase "vetical coverage". It's been my experience that XP Medical's A+ diapers have some of the highest padding. Size large can give me over an inch of padding remaining, "worst case".

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    I had this issue when I first started wearing a few years ago. Being above average in size made it uncomfortable to wear in my sleep, so I found a way to deal with it. My solution was to tape the diaper slightly lower to give some extra growing room. It might also be an option for you to buy a slightly larger size.

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    I don't have an issue with it. At my age mine's so small if he did grow he wouldn't find the top of my cloth prefold.

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    I wake up with erections, sometimes painful one until I empty my bladder

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    Diapers tend to start out with a "W" shape at the crotch when you put them on, with a crease up the middle, front-to-back. In most cases I adjust that before/after taping up so that it's more of a "V", with the fold DOWNWARD, leaving room for parts as well as drainage to the back, as I sleep on my side. That really helps use the back padding, instead of flooding forward and up, leading to major leaks around the wings in the front.

    Unfortunately the V isn't compatible with most pants and shorts, whose high crotch tends to return my diaper to the W shape. Girls have it pretty lucky that way, with skirts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetatnight View Post
    I wake up with erections, sometimes painful one until I empty my bladder
    This. I have this on a regular basis, and since I have a recreational prescription for the little blue pill (at 50 it sure helps reliability even if I don't have true ED) and tend to take that in the evening when planning for sex so this problem is even worse then as the erection is incredibly strong with the blue pill. I have peed into the shower in the past or leaned way over the toilet in a sitting position.

    Now I can just roll over, make sure my diaper is properly positioned and let it go while fully erect. Very erotic and pleasant!

    Granted, it is distracting as it wants attention, but that eventually subsides and I get back to sleep.

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