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Thread: I made custom furry arcade sticks. :)

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    Default I made custom furry arcade sticks. :)

    Started out with stock Hori EX2 arcade sticks, white with some green in an Xbox 360 color scheme, they had square restrictor gate for the joystick and the buttons were cheap and sorta mushy. Restrictor gate replaced with a Sanwa GT-Y octagonal gate that needed some modification to fit. Buttons replaced with Sanwa OBSF-30 30mm push buttons. And the joystick ball tops were replaced with Sanwa LB-35 ball tops to match the new color scheme. All of these are actual arcade machine components. We repainted the controllers from white to black using Dupli-Color vinyl dye mostly used for automotive applications. The artwork was a custom commission from an artist, then applied to styrene sheets that were laminated, adhesive backed, and CNC cut by a print shop. The steel plate that the art goes on had to be widened to take the slightly wider Sanwa buttons. This is the entire project that we undertook.


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    It would be nice to see this as a album rather than a bunch of individual pictures. Would allow us to see the development easier.

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    This looks neat, it would be neat to have something like this.

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    Nicely done. So, how can I go about getting a customized Hybrid stick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoFox View Post
    Nicely done. So, how can I go about getting a customized Hybrid stick?
    You can buy off the shelf arcade sticks from companies like Mad Catz and Hori that even already use Sanwa or Seimitsu arcade components. You can also mod cheaper ones with better parts, or customize better ones just for your personal aesthetics. There's a lot of info out there on those kinds of jobs, it's how I learned what to repaint the plastic with, what components to buy and such. Google is your friend here, a LOT of info out there.

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    Most apologies. I need to stop replying to forums when I'm like half asleep. What I meant to ask was how to get a commission done for a custom, hybrid, arcade stick.
    I'll just Google it up again. Thank you.

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