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Thread: Truth slipping out

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    Default Truth slipping out

    One of the things ive been dreading recently is getting my wisdom teeth pulled out, now obviously this is a very normal thing not to look forward to but heres the reason why:
    I'm not afraid of the pain anywhere near as much as i fear what things will slip out of my drug induced self following the operation. They have you on some heavy drugs afterwards and from the viral internet videos it seems like what you say is completely unfiltered. I'm terrified of accidentally saying something about diapers or something that'll cause suspicion. Although i'm still very careful with my words after of long night of heavy drinking, it's a concern of mine.

    Anyone have similar experiences?

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    The last thing on my mind during my surgery for wisdom teeth was diapers. I think you will be fine

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    For me it was like being in a haze. It wasn't like un filtered it was just like, I was having a hard time thinking. My memmory right after I woke up was like I was in a dream.
    I didn't take any of the pain meds after the surgery tho, so I don't know how those go.

    Tho I know it effects every one differntly, I highly doubt you will say anything that you don't want to. //this was one of my fears as well tho, and I think there is a post floating around adisc some where of it lol XD Good luck.

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    I had one of mine removed, didn't even have to be put under and was very quick and painless, no stitches, just a bit of bleeding. With that said, the guy I had was very good at his job. Just take it as it comes.

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    Everyone reacts differently I guess. When I got mine done they gave me some kind of drug via IV. I wouldn't describe it as being "high", more in a strange disassociated state. I was aware of what was happening, but I didn't care. I vaguely remember watching them taking bits of teeth out (all mine were impacted, so they had to be taken out in chunks). Either way I don't remember saying much of anything. I don't feel like my inhibitions were at all effected. If you can get drunk without blabbing about diapers, you're probably fine.

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    When got my wisdom teeth taken out, the drugs that I initially took just knocked me out, and the drugs that I took afterwards mostly just made me tired if anything. After the operation, my mouth was so numb and once the painkillers wore off, in too much pain that I didn't want to talk or have any sort of jaw movement. So I would not worry about blabbing any secrets from the operations. You'll most likely be fine in that regards.

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    For my wisdom teeth I had them knock me out, after coming out of it I was more focused on finding my jacket and trying to stand then forgetting what I was suppose to do next and almost falling all over the office. I know I wasn't talking but I don't know how I went from the dentist chair to my bedroom and then it was the next afternoon suddenly and I was icing my cheeks. The pain killers were pretty mild by comparison. The anesthetic made it nearly impossible to think in words or any other organized way. So if you're like me you'll be a blob that can take simple instructions for 24 hours and sleeping for most of it.

    Also ice them cheeks! Do it for a couple days even. Cuts the recovery time with the swelling by a lot.

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    I was doped up so high on laughing gas for my upper wisdom teeth, never breathed a word about diapers. I actually wouldn't worry about it.

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    It seems like the incidence of just random utterances would save you if you did say anything about them. There's no real reason yto assume you're blurting out deep, dark secrets when you're more likely to babble. Worry more about sharing your passwords.

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    When I got something done to my teeth a few years ago I basically yelled some obscenities and left.

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