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Thread: What next?

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    Default What next?

    So I've just run out of diapers and I'm not sure what to get next. I can probably get another bag of diapers next week sometime.

    I've used Attends 10 with tri-tapes - they were great until I tried Abena X Plus

    I've used the air-weight cloth & regular Abena XP - they were awesome

    I've used the Tena Classic - AWFUL! (still have 15 out of 18 left)

    I've used Secure X Plus (Abena competition) - they were almost as good as Abena except I don't like the tape area - best tapes ever - but the tape surface gets rid of the baby feel.

    I've used Walmart pull ups and they were good but not great

    I've used Molicare Supers & Super Plus - they were okay - but not as good as X Plus

    Any suggestions on what to try next?

    Has anyone used the new Dry 24/7s?

    I'd love to hear some updated opinions


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    where did u get the abena? cause they sound good but not sure that i could find them in english shops.

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    Ohh x pluses are nifty . Thats what i use and i absolutely fell in love with them.

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    Dry 24/7 is an excellent choice. Plus there's an especially good deal if you get a whole case. Highly recommended .

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    Haven't tried the dry 24/7's but there is a great review right here on ADISC. Don't know if you've seen it or not but thought I'd post a link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyreaper2.0 View Post
    where did u get the abena? cause they sound good but not sure that i could find them in english shops.
    You can find Abena online. There might be places that sell them in their shops in UK too, not sure where. You could send them an email asking for any retail shops in the UK

    Now as far as a different brand to try. There are several from Europe besides Abena you could try.

    Go to this German website. Make sure to click on English and see the selections of disposables you can choose from.

    Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland

    There's one disposable that's called "Perfect" Nice diaper! Originates from China. Cute print! Don't let the color fool ya. Yes it's pink and green, but the pink is of a teddy bear with letters "A B C" & "D E F" and sun & stars. The green is of vines with leaves and butterflies.

    Yes I got a couple of samples, and I'm impressed with the print.
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    The `Perfect' diaper looks good but doesn't perform that well. I buy nearly all my diapers from Save Express and besides the Abenas, Tenas, Attends etc They have a brand called Kolibri Comslip.

    I buy the large diaper and it has a capacity of just 4.4litres or just a gallon of liquid and the xl has a capacity oc 5ltrs. I have used these and they are very good for all day and as an all night time diaper.

    My favorite is the Abena Abri Xplus. I love the bulky wide feel when I put it on. The Kolibri is not as wide as the Abri xplus but it is as bulky.

    I also buy boosters from Save Express and the are great to give an even thicker, bulkier feel to my diapers.

    The quickest way to find Save Express is to Google 'Airoliver' and it will come up. The English is not great but you will know enough to see what the product is. The range of goods is awsome and your order is pulled out almost immeadiatly and sent out that day. Delivery is not all that dear and is pretty quick. If I can help just ask.

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