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Thread: Diaper lovers in the UK

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    Default Diaper lovers in the UK

    Hi was just wondering what fellow UK DL's are into at the moment
    Getting a little bored of waiting for the drynites to get the streachier sides and want to try somthing new
    Opinions on what I should try ?

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    Hey I'm a DL from the UK

    My personal favourite diapers are a brand called Cuddlz that are also from the UK, they're super absorbent, super cute and they're easy to buy for people from the UK I totally recommend them if you're looking for a new diaper to try out

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    aren't comficare a european brand? and surely any of the tena.

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    Hello fellow UK wearer!

    At the moment I'm all about the Boots staydry slips. They may not be the best nappy in the world however for me they tick a few boxes. They have a lovely soft plastic feel ever so soft feel, they absorb well for a couple of wetting and they are very discreet.4 tapes with the dual tape blue and white thing to adjust with going on. About 9 a pack of 10 at basically every boots and the girlfriend gets boots points so bonus for her lol. When I'm feeling flush or a treat I do love the cuddlz nappies though, a bit expensive but the fit and feel is amazing. Plus you can really go to to town wetting them. Part of the reason I don't get them often is delivery too, I don't mind buying in a store and prefer a brief moment of feeling awkward at times to the anticipation of a delivery going wrong. Another good one for UK is asda selling the large packs of tena super. Sadly never seem to have maxi but I do well on supers. Find them a bit less discreet due to them being more rustly.

    Really hope that helps!!

    Stay padded and waddle like a boss


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    You could try these new nappies.

    I"ve ordered some, so can't wait to try.

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    I notice Kupo mentions Boots as a source of nappies above. I live in Ireland and currently use Boots as the source of my nappies. I tried a pull up/underwear type a few months back and didn't find them useful at all. I may have bought a size too big.

    The Staydry Slip 10 medium/large pack Kupo mentions are the ones I currently buy and are in my opinion very comfortable, and highly absorb my pee. I haven't had a single leak (I've used two packets over the course of the last maybe two months). They do stick out over the beltline though, so I don't wear them outside or blatantly in front of family. They do also hide the smell of my pee very well. I haven't tried pooping in them yet though (I'm fairly new to diaper loving regularly wearing them, and have yet to poop in one), so I don't know if that will result in issues. I live with others, so that would have to be while they're out, and I've enough time to clean myself up and destroy evidence before they get back.

    I'm happier in them too, because as Kupo mentions above, they're sealed with four tapes at the front, so they've a more baby like feel to them, unlike pull ups. Nappies to me as I remember from being in them and seeing my brother in them were always like that with the two tapes at the front (I was a pampers baby!), so I'm happier wearing ones like that.

    All I would say though is the price in Ireland anyway is €12.99 a pack, (Kupo mentions 9 above) which strikes me as quite expensive for a ten pack. Would anyone know a source of cheaper over the counter/shop purchases for adult nappies in Ireland?

    They are shown as for heavy bowel and bladder weakness. Having said that, having had no leaks, I try not to pee too much in them. I don't know if they would hold being peed in two or three times.
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    Cuddlz are the best for me, great babyish design and feel,Can be bought through collect plus which makes it handy if you have to buy them discreetly as you can pick them up at a designated collect plus store!

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    Though I don't live in the UK I have heard of Libero Night Comfort and from what I hear they're somewhat bigger than Drynites/Goodnites and I believe they're available at most UK retail stores.

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    It might just be me but I think Boots Staydry's sit on the body a little low and I really like a nappy that rides up to just below the belly button. This is difficult to achieve especially as so many brands are going cloth-backed (which I hate). Original Tena's and Molicare's were defo just-below belly-button nappies whereas Lille Classics go too far and are (im not kidding if you've never tried them) waitbandidly sitting 2/3rds of an inch above the belly-button! To back off that tangent and avoid another...Boots Staydrys are a good emergency nappy if you've taken your eye of the ball and run out (this happened to me very recently) but I can't ignore the problems: They're equivalent to Attends size 8 but do Boots do an equivalent that rivals Attends size 10?...short answer = no! And they only come in packs of ten as well, the standard number of adult nappies in a carry bag in this country is in the 20s so I don't like that. In conclusion they're okay in fact I'd go as far as to say it's great they're avay' not via the internet (by that I mean U can jst wlk into Boots and buy them!)...but they're let down by their lack of bulk, sparsness in-package, one-time-usage guidelines (guilty jargon for non-tip-top absorption) and they're close resemblance to vanilla underwear pants despite being a fasten-on product! bms

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