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Thread: What's poppin' yall????

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    Default What's poppin' yall????

    I was a member 3-ish years ago, back before minors were removed and now I'm back!!!! It's great to be back and see some of the old people that I knew back in the day and it's great to see all of the "new" people.
    Now on to me, I'm a pretty average guy I guess. I like all the regular "guy" stuff (sports, hangin out, doin' stupid stuff etc.) Not a whole lot has changed about me in the last few years, I've gotten a whole lot more "mature" (if you could call it that on this site), I've gained maybe 60 pounds...........
    Other than that, I'm not entirely sure what all has changed, I'm still the old Chanch0, just a taller, and way smarterer version :P
    Anyway, message me, I'd love to talk and learn more about the folks (new and old) on here.
    Thanks for reading

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    Welcome back! Hope the place is as good as you remember it!

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    Welcome back Chancho! I think you'll find a lot of your old friends and make a lot of new ones.

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