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    So, here's something for you guys to try; the next time you are stressed, or just are bored, or want the alternative of a (erm... you know what I mean...) here is something I found helps me. I very lightly scratch my arm. Basically, very lightly press your fingers on the underside of your forearm. (Like you're trying to reach out for something.) Then, just move it back and forth. It's soothing, and isn't sexual.

    Just something to try!

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    Like, the underside near the bend of your elbow. Basically, anywhere from the wrist to the crook of the elbow. Just lightly scratch. (Like you're petting a cat.)

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    I like to sometimes barely touch my arm, and move it across to get a tingly/goosebump type feeling. Is that the same thing that you mean?

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    I actually do this without really realizing it. I kind of grab my forearm and move my hand up and down it for some reason. It can be an interesting sensation. Dunno if I'd consider it a cure for stress though.

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    I'm sorry but you know me....I like to lightly touch "the other member" and slowly rub up and down, up and down....O.k., if I didn't say it, someone else would have. Actually, what you are describing probably borders on acupuncture. That stimulates nerve endings which go all throughout the body. So you make a very good point. Sorry for the cheap "I just had to go there".

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    I prefer running my hand through my hair but the arm isn't bad either.

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    I stroke my underarm all the time. It's soothing.

    Quote Originally Posted by diaper degraw View Post
    i have done this for as long as i can remeber unconsiously.
    That can't be healthy...

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