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Thread: Needing to vent

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    Default Needing to vent

    As of.....well honestly its been my whole damn life, but lately its getting worse. My life is a rollercoaster, I can't find any stability in anything but my relationship with my fiancee. Its now been a year since I started votech, I graduated, found a job in CNC machining, the oil prices plummeted, I lost my job, I can't find work, every place for machining wants someone with 1-2 years experience, and general labor in industrial doesn't pay enough, plus I can't find anything. Money is very bad in my house, my mom keeps going through mood swings where she's a total bitch, impossible to please, and threatens to kick my fiancee and I out. I found a job at a granite shop, machining and programming, but I got fired after s week because "I wasn't learning fast enough" or "didn't listen" I feel worthless, useless, I'm so stressed out that I'm getting irritable, I did nothing but piss people off yesterday unless I stayed quiet. *sighs* my life's a mess, and I'm scared I'm going to loose everything, again....

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    I am sorry to hear about this.
    Unfortunately it is not an uncommon story.
    I have a brother that went through the same thing. He is just one step ahead of Bankruptcy but fortunately he was able to find a job after 18 months.

    I wish I had the golden answer that could solve the issues, but all I can offer is a ear to listen to and say you are not alone.

    There is all kinds of "lame" things I can say i.e Keep looking, or it will get better, But it still hurts.

    I hope something works out soon, but do not forget that you do have someone to lean on and your fiancée is there to help.

    Good luck


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    You really should try to remain hopeful. If you don't then you will spiral into self loathing and then transfer that to others around you. This time will pass, I know that may sound like crap right now, but all of a sudden something will come up and you'll be on your way again. Maybe try and find some positive ways to contribute until things change. That way you'll feel more useful and positive about yourself. Most of all look after are your best asset.

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    I went through a serious job loss 15 years ago and it was devastating. I went back to school and took some classes. At the same time I kept looking for employment. Eventually I found two jobs, a poor paying full time job, and a good paying part time job. Together they gave me what I left. I retired last year from the full time job and still work the part time job.

    Usually there are solutions out there. It pays to be as upbeat as possible, because looking and sounding positive is what employers want. It also will keep you more healthy. I wish you the best. Don't give up on the job search or yourself. Something will eventually land, so hang in there.

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    You're not useless, Vallen, and don't let anyone tell you any differently. You have just hit a lump in the road, that's all. You are trying your best and if others cannot see that, then screw them, because your best is all you can offer.

    And you shouldn't be so hard on your mum. One day when she gets old you are going to see or hear about her going in and out of the hospital, then all of the petty crap you two are dealing with right now won't seem so bad.

    Anyway, I still feel as if you should look into a family counselor or someone that has knowledge in that area since this is an ongoing issue. Obviously you have tried everything that you know of that can work, so try the things you haven't yet.

    You'll get through this, just like your course, just like your fist job in CNC Machining, just like your mate, just like everything else. The real problems only start happening when you give up completely.

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    I hit a patch like this recently. It lasted about two years, with poor paying jobs and declining health factoring in with it. Then was unemployed due to said health and was still out hunting for work getting turned down left and right. Was working two part time jobs that still couldn't keep me out of the red until I landed a full time job in August just as I was about to be out on the street.

    Keep positive, I know that its hard.. and just keep plugging away, you'll get back on track if you keep at it.

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    I just needed to get this out. As of now things are in an upward direction. I hope they stay this way

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    Everyone needs to vent. But if you are only venting for the sake of venting, then channel it into something a little more constructive, otherwise I'll have to agree with Ozbub here. If you are venting because you need advice to help your situation, then take some of the advice given and apply it if you think it will help. Otherwise you are only going to keep running into the same problems frequently.

    You should get back into the things that help you vent more often if you have the time. Your music, poetry, story writing, fishing with your mate, anything that will help.

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    Stay positive. Something will come along. It might not be exactly what you're wanting. But it could still be fun. I lost my job at an oil refinery when the market dipped back in 2010. While I wanted another lab job (I have degrees in biology & chemistry). The only way to do that was to move. I didn't want to move, so I completely switched what I was looking for & looked for other areas of work.

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    I got lucky today, I'm about to start OJT. I've been keeping up with what I enjoy to get me by and for the most part it works. I just needed to get this off my chest and was hoping for some advice that would help me, and so far I've been getting it. It boils down to the fact that I need to reevaluate things and look at them differently. Too easily I get down and depressed and see only the bleak side of things

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