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Thread: Cute juvenile style panties

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    Default Cute juvenile style panties

    I found these online and ordered them.
    They are as cute as they look.
    A note on japanese sizes.
    Jp Med = US Sm, and Jp Lrg = US Med
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    Unfortunately that link apparently gets dissolved and you end up at the front page so we can't see what you found? Do you have a item number or something perhaps?


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    Wow that is absolutely adorabuu i want to get ahold of a pair of these. Your "sales pitch" was a total success xD

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    The crotch is really wide, so with basic tucking you can achieve a completely flat look.

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    Those are absolutely adorable. I love the looks.

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    Oooooh!!! I really like the blue and purple one!!! They are really cute!!!

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    I would so wear those, and my wife would think I've lost my mind! Still, I'm very happy wearing my BabyPants training pants. She calls them my "little boy panties" as apposed to my "big boy panties".

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