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Thread: I NEED diapers, but my living situation will not allow them

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    Default I NEED diapers, but my living situation will not allow them

    My parents are making me feel like my wearing diapers and regressing is inherently wrong, sick, and perverted.

    My sister won't let me move back into her house, and even if she did, she now says she would NOT let me resume regressing.

    I feel that I *NEED* to be able to regress and have some "little" time, but my living situation will not allow me to do so without being deceitful in some aspect.

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    Need or want? XD

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    I would say if you can't manage your life without frequently resorting to this, you've got a bigger problem. It's your call as to whether getting some help with it or a different living situation is of greater importance but I think the sooner you disabuse yourself of the notion that anyone else is required to provide an evironment for this part of you, the better off you'll be. This is something you must take care of for yourself.

    I understand working through these things can be hard and it's especially difficult when the usual support systems aren't as helpful. Is there some way you could speak to a therapist on this? I'm not suggesting you seek an ABDL cure, just attempt to better manage your needs and wants.

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    Like the others have said, you need to control your needs and wants better. Looks to be like it might be getting a tad out of control. Remember too, life requires sacrifices.. it isn't easy but sometimes you have to adjust.

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    Moderation is necessary weigh your needs before your wants take care of the necessary stuff first its not easy I know but I always put my priorities first.

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    Obviously your options are limited. Either you continue to live at home and are forced to follow their rules, or you find a place of your own. When I was a kid, our houses were surrounded by a lot of woods. As kids, we would go into the woods and dig a very big hole and line the floor with boards. Then we'd cover the top with boards and cover that with dirt, and grass, leaves, shrubs. We had an underground fort. You could make an elaborate one, line it with bricks, etc. or build a tree house. We did those too. Then you could do your thing in your home away from home.

    But if you live in a more urban setting, you will have to wait until you get a job that will support your lifestyle, which is something that most of us have done. I moved out right after college and never looked back. When I married, I did without diapers for a number of years and only missed it occasionally until it came roaring back. By that time I had a schedule where I could wear on Fridays. We all figure these things out eventually.

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    I mean damn, my parents are homophobes, neo-conservatives, and fundamentalist Christians... It's so ridiculously difficult to live without stepping on any toes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achieldan View Post
    I mean damn, my parents are homophobes, neo-conservatives, and fundamentalist Christians... It's so ridiculously difficult to live without stepping on any toes...
    Unfortunately, you're 22 and still living at home, so you can either move out and not have to live them, or suck it up and abide by their rules.

    I don't always agree with my mothers ideals on things, but when I'm staying with her then what she wants goes, because she's paying the bills and it's her house. If you want to make the rules then there's an obvious solution - go get your own house to make rules in.

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    Until you can afford to move out on your own, its your parents roof so its their rules. There isn't much else you can do.

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    I guess I'm the only one who finds it weird to have people who just don't understand something control that aspect of your life. Just yesterday a thread asked if they should tell their mom and tons of people quickly replied to hide it from her. Not sure why we encourage hiding so much sometimes then suddenly discourage hiding so much other times >.> I guess obviously it is because your situation sounds like they could kick you out of the house if they find you hiding, which is reasonable to change stuff because of, but the way crinklesaurus says they are homophobes and that he does need some little time... like hypothetically, I can't stop being bi just because my parents want me to, I don't think it's so strange for crinkle to say he can't stop being a little just because his family wants him to.

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