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Thread: I seem to be sliding into a 24/7 lifestyle...

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    Default I seem to be sliding into a 24/7 lifestyle...

    As I continue my progression back into my DL lifestyle I am finding that I am slowly but surely heading toward wearing more than not. This will likely end up in a modified 24/7 if my suspicions about being able to sleep well in my ATNs is confirmed tonight.

    Since I work at home it is no problem to use a diaper until it is full and then change it in the privacy of my own bathroom. No worries about co-workers for me!

    I am about to head out in public for the first time with a proper diaper on. I am even planning to go see a neighbor who is in a Rehab Nursing Home from breaking both her ankles. I will have a certain amount of pleasure knowing that I am wearing in a high incon zone... that may be bad, but it will have a certain irony to it.

    If this all goes well I may increase my wearing time to include more public outings. We shall see...

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    Cool. Sounds like fun. I couldn't ever do the 24/7 thing. But I know of several here that are doing it or want to one day do it.

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    I'm currently wearing ATNs in public a lot and I think you'll really like it and that no one will notice

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    That's how it worked with me too. After I was introduced to diapers and was on my own I just started wearing more and more often. Now I'm padded 24/7. It's something I never would have thought I would want before, but now I can't stand to be without a diaper on.

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    I went out yesterday with a boosted Depends (using up my old stash after which it is ATNs all the way for a basic diaper). It went well.

    It has been about 20 years since I was able to do 24/7 and I forgot how easy it can be to get irritated. I probably have to choose between enjoying the feeling of messing by leaving it for a long enough time to begin to irritate my skin or a 24/7 lifestyle, and I suspect I will find a happy medium with regular breaks in between.

    One thing I have noticed; I am back to a point where using the toilet seems like such a waste...

    Today has been a dry day due to having so many things to do and the need to give my skin a break.

    Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Got a bunch to do then, and Thursday too. Might be that Thursday afternoon is my first good chance to relax. Wednesday night might also be a chance to relax.

    Got a good nights sleep last night and hope to do so tonight. I want to try wearing to bed again but want a solid stretch of good sleep first just in case...

    Nighty night!

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    A few things you could try for diaper rash while 24/7 are ointments, baby powder, breathable diapers, drinking more water throughout the day, and changing faster. Incase you want to wear more but can't because of rash. I've totally felt the same way about toilets being a waste btw, when you enjoy going in a diaper so much it makes using a toilet disappointing for me.

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    I've been feeling the call too. I have a bunch of older diapers that are getting to the point where they should be used up, so I've started wearing them during the day hours. O.G. Unique Wellness (green larges) with a stuffer. Two of them get me through a work shift and then some. Use my Rearz Inspire or ABU w/stuffer at night (or a Rearz with wtuffer if I've been consuming a lot of fluids).

    I'm just going to ride it as long as I feel it. There are definitely times where it's an inconvenience. Tonight at work we were busy and I really needed to change, and it was a while before I had a chance. But that fresh padding feeling afterwards though... so heavenly.

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    I can wear for an extended period of time but I don't think that I could go 24/7 though, and I have no problem going out and wearing them in public.

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    I've been 24/7 for 23 days now and I didn't plan for this. I agree with mattikins saying just ride it out as long as you want to

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    Wearing 24/7 is no problem, I have an OAB and flood randomly with little or no warning I wear an Abena air plus level 2 medium size or the M4 and have no issue. The M4 is a bit thicker so it a little bulkier but you really have to look to see I am wearing. No one has ever said anything or shown that they think I am wearing.

    Pick the right diaper and you won't have a problem you can even go with pants that ar one size bigger to give the diaper more room and to help hide it. Also wearing a longer shirt also helps.

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