Given that I experienced an abrupt and unwelcome change in my life I am wondering if this is not really more of an opportunity to have a better life in the future...

My soon to be ex-wife had been abused as a child and was somewhat sexually limited but in a way that was compatible with my tastes so I did not think much about it. I also did not think much about my DL side either and frankly was pretty happy most of the time. I did think about heading down to Portland by myself to enjoy a long Diaper Drive, but never did anything about it.

Now I am seriously considering the possibility that I can change all this moving forward by taking my time to find a new partner that has all the desirable qualities my ex had, none of the downsides (lucky for me this should not be too hard) and with the bonus of sharing my DL side. The more I think about it the more likely I am beginning to believe this may be possible.

I have looked around and see that there are two ways to go - one is to get lucky and find a DL that shares the rest of my interests (we all know how important it is to have a broad horizon that covers much more than just our fetish) and the other way is to find a tolerant vanilla that is willing to add some flavor.

Either way I am growing in confidence that this may actually be possible. If anyone has any experience in this regard please help me out by relating what you went through and where you ended up.

Stay wet!