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Thread: Finally on my own

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    Default Finally on my own

    Hi there! I have been a diaper lover for 10 years. I have been suppressing my diaper lover side for the longest time due to not being understood or accepted by family or spouses. Now I am single again and in my own home. I have an accepting mom, sister, and best friend. I live with my best friend... I have no issue with privacy or anything, but I can't get myself to wind down and enjoy life to the fullest yet... Maybe it will take a few more weeks? My main question is how do you know what diapers to try after buying the local store brands and name brands like Depends and Tena? I'm confused on what to try first: Molicare, Abena, Bambino, or Comfidry. I have seen sample packs but shipping is expensive... Or the packs are expensive. Any advice for a newbie?

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    Tranquility ATNs are cheap but good, Abenas are much better but a bit more expensive, and bambino and confidry are the best but most expensive is the advice I would give.

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    dry 24/7 are great (tapes sometimes do not hold and you need a bit of Ducktape) I tried Comficare a few weeks ago I normaly wear a medium dry 24/7 same with the Abena airs but with Comficare brand I had to go with the large as they are cut smaller then other brands

    Always try the samples be for ordering and then try one package before ordering by the case I find samples are nice but I can never tell 100% it's the right size and feel with a single wear.

    If you go with a Higher quality diaper like Dry 24/7 you will be better off then a cheaper brand like depends. You get what you pay for and if you are like me and need the protection better is always best. And if it's just to wear a higher end diaper is usually more comfortable and thicker

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    Are there any good discreet shipping sites that have sample packs? I have looked at some. Wearing has it where you can buy samples for $10 for 5 types, up to $30 for 12 types of adult diapers including Bambinos ...however they don't have all the brands.

    ATN and dry 24/7 are good starts.

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    Default is cheap and has free discreet shipping. You can get a pack of ATN's for less than $10. Another good place to buy diapers is

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    Im really not a big fan of ATN they are cheap but not really all that absorbent

    you cant go wrong with abena or dry 24/7 the A+ lvl 4 are good as well

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    Well for a diaper that's comfortable and fun to wear... ATN might be the first step toward longer wearing and absorbancy. I really want to ease into the better ones because I still have that antsy pantsy excitement/anxiety. When I get used to wearing them in general I'll have more fun and explore more brands.

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    When I was able to buy quality diapers I shopped around and ordered sample packs to try them out. You shouldn't have to worry about shipping because almost all of it is discreet.
    I have found that Abena M4 is very popular and it is the best one for me and it is comfortable because I can wear it for a long time. You can also try dry 24/7 too and I found them to be the thickest ones. Try buying various sample packs to see what you like and don't like.

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    Also no one has mentioned the NS Premiums. Closely comparable to Abena imo, the M4 which has 14/pack and the NS Premiums have 15/pack for a slightly lower price. The ATN isn't one of my favorites as the plastic tears too easily. I still prefer Abena M4s and Dry 24/7 but NS Premiums might be worth a try as well if you're on a budget., and do discrete shipping. Samples can be pricey but worth it imo as not to end up with oddly fitting diaper.

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    Personally, I'm rather a fan of Attends; they tend to be rather cheap per unit and they hold a decent amount. The Tranquility ATNs have tape issues, but I've noticed that to be the case with many of the plastic-backed diapers I've used. On the other hand, I really did like the Tranquility Smartcores. I know not many people here like the cloth-backed, but with these, I've not had issues with leaks, and I find that the fact that they're breathable makes them more comfortable for long-term use. They cost a couple bucks more, but they hold about the same as that ATNs.

    Also, since I don't tend to mess, the fact that the tapes are re-fastenable makes them a little more ideal for my purposes.

    But that's just me.

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