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Thread: Good theory explaining about furries, and us

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    Default Good theory explaining about furries, and us

    As some of you know I want to figure out what makes us tick. I sent out my all the info I had and someone sent me this video and while I don't believe the game theory it provides a wonderful theory about us. ( the video isn't what you think) I ask that everyone keep an open mind and watch the video in it entirety before commenting.

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    It never ceases to amaze me how haphazardly "autism" gets thrown around online. Where does autism begin? After watching this video it's hard to imagine a person that doesn't fall into the autism spectrum. And if I tick off checkpoints here it seems like a question of visiting the right doctor for the diagnosis.

    It does a good job exploring being inside a playing persons mind during smash brothers games, but thats about it. I wouldn't consider myself special for thinking like that, and I seriously think it would be wrong to do so apart from pretty normal diversity between human beings. Those themes affect everybody, some more, some less.

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    While that is a good point that not all the video is saying using what is already common knowledge with further study It show us even with the (oddly specific) data provided it shows that human even at there base forms if shown the right stimuli and situation. it is possible that our own personas could be an opportunity of circumstance.

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    I saw a diaper in there too! But the rest of it... TLDW

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    I'm confused why the video has anything to do with Furries or AB/DL's? Am I missing something?

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