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    I am a small problem with chafing while I am working. I currently work at Publix as a bagger, (I am working on becoming a cashier). I currently wear boxers while I work and I am wondering what i can wear to help prevent chafing. So what do people suggest to help with the chafing?

    FYI: I work at store 825 if that means anything to anybody.
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    Well first, I do suggest you don`t use this as a meeting place, indirectly or not.

    As for the chafing, there are two things to do. I tend to chafe when I wear skirts, so one is baby powder. However, I don`t think that would work for a typical 8hr shift. Baby powder is good for a few hours at a time, and also good if you already have a rash. The other thing you can use is baby oil. That lasts for a while, so your sliding, instead of rubbing. That works for long periods of time.

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    maybe that might help, who knows.

    also, wasn't really trying to set a meeting place but maybe somebody would say hey im close to there, but like I said, I was not really trying to find anybody to meet up with.

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    You might also get your self some bike shorts. That pretty much keeps everything where it belongs and because they are tight they do not rub and there is no chafing.

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    I have fat legs n I get it all the time Try curash powder it's really good

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    Talcum powder.

    Really. It works.

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    Gold Bond medicated powder. That stuff works wonders. I used to use it at marching band camp.

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    umm this one time, at band camp, ...

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