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Thread: What do you think triggered your fetish?

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    Default What do you think triggered your fetish?

    I've yearned to wear diapers as far back as I can remember, so I don't know where it all started.

    I am told that as a toddler one day I chose to stop wearing and start potty training, but I have no memory of this. Maybe I had second thoughts?

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    I recall a time when I was maybe 2 or so when I was in my crib with a full diaper. When I was 10 I remembered how good it felt and thought I might try it again and that was the beginning for me. I have had my fetish for some 40 years now and since my life just changed drastically with no notice I chose to embrace this fun activity once again.

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    I was bitten by a radioactive baby. Didn't give me any superpowers, just this overwhelming need to regress.

    Thanks, radioactive baby.

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    I think this is one of those things that's very hard to know with any degree of certainty. It's too far back in our formative pasts for memory to be reliable and even if it was, why would something (whatever it is, our experiences aren't so unique, just our reaction to them) that happens to many children have that specific effect on us? My best guess is that I was born essentially looking for a kink. Through a combination of young life experiences, some of which I remember and some I don't, this one slid into place as the primary. Could have been better, could have been worse. It's just one of those crazy things about people.

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    For me it was heavy neglect and abuse and people treating me with disgust. I want to be about three so people will love me naturally, so I can have family, and so I don't have to worry about living up to anyone's misguided standards.

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    Cheekiness aside,

    Why look for an origin? It's likely a mix of factors that we will never untangle. No two stories are going to line up, and even if you had a few hundred, all it would show is a loose correlation, nothing definitive or causal.

    When we look back and list the factors we believe are somehow responsible for our being ABDL, it's rife with confirmation bias and maybe the unspoken assumption that if we can find out what caused this, maybe we can fix it. It doesn't work that way. You can't fix what is not broken.

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    Mattikins has a very good point of view in how to look at this question, but at the same time there is a bit of mental fun in seeing if you can or cannot maybe pinpoint some event in life that has caused the desire to wear diapers and enjoy wetting. Nothing in my early childhood as far back as I can remember sheds any light on that subject for me, but I do have solid memories of having dreams where I would be peeing because I had to go pee. But that was part of my dream and in reality I was wetting myself and the bed while still in the dream. This happened quite a few times during my teen years and while I caught a bit of flack about the ending results, not once were there any triggers to wake me up in time to actually use the bathroom.

    But I do remember quite well that once I did wake up and found myself wet, the bed wet, I actually liked what had happened. Sometimes I would wake up shortly after those dreams to find myself feeling very warm and wet, and that I discovered quickly I really enjoyed. It is just a shame that it was many years later before I could actually enjoy the pleasure of wearing diapers/pullups and wetting with utter freedom.

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    For me 'why' is the most interesting and difficult question. But I see your point, there are some dark roads the question could lead down. But I think no matter what the facts are, there will always be some loopy looney 'christian scientists' who claim they can cure you.

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    Default What do you think triggered your fetish?

    I can remember having a very noticeable interest in diapers way far back (around 5 hrs old ish) and I was potty trained very early-- so I honestly can't think of one specific 'trigger' for myself. But I do know from talking to friends that it is entirely possible for there to be a sort of singular moment such as that that seems to have sparked off being ABDL.

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