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Thread: Frozen 2 Announced

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    Default Frozen 2 Announced

    It had been heavily rumored, but it's official Frozen 2 is totally a thing..

    And I have to admit, I'm both extremely surprised and like.. not at all. Yeah, the obvious question is.. "where is there for the story to go?".. which is what made me think there wouldn't be one. Still, I mean.. it makes perfect sense that Disney is trying to do this to keep their current cash cow.. making the dollar milk. I just don't know how successful I think it will be.

    What makes me worry is that Disney will think the natural progression is to find a romantic partner for Elsa, but also that Disney doesn't realize that that is in some way counter to the part of the reason why Frozen got so popular.. that vibe of not NEEDING the romantic partner. In that it's mostly a story about the two main sisters and about Elsa really discovering herself without the need of a "man" to having been involved.

    This isn't to say I'm personally against the idea of Elsa finding love.. darn, wouldn't it be nice if Disney was progressive enough to go "the other way" with Elsa? Would be nice just to see.

    Your thoughts?

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    They've got sequels for all their movies planned before the first hits the theater. I was sick and tired of hearing Frozen Frozen Frozen after the first one came out.. raving crowds of fanboys and gals can ruin a movie for me.

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    I'm not happy at all. As a huge Disney fan, this is a terrible idea. The first one was incredible but now Disney is just trying to get every penny they can out of it. I will always support everything that is Disney but I will keep my expectations low for this movie.

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    I would rather burn my nipples off with liquid nitrogen.

    I saw the trailer for Frozen and it looked funny, but then I heard it was a musical and the advert scene wasn't even in the movie.

    I don't want to build a snowman, I want to replace it's carrot nose with dynamite and blow him up.

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    The only thing I liked about frozen was the snowman. He was original and cute. The rest of the movie not so much

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    One can only put up with so much frozen, the fact that there will be a second movie. I think I'm going to go insane ugh.

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    I hate cold weather, but I don't know......I like ice cream.

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    Not even once

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglemuffinz View Post
    Your thoughts?
    If they do it right, this is actually a really great opportunity for a classic adventure tale with female protagonists. I think you're spot on that a big part of Frozen is that Elsa doesn't need a boyfriend and the female characters and their familial love are the important actors in the movie. So, why not run with that? Introduce a villain who causes a problem of some kind: maybe s/he's got some new magic, or s/he makes Elsa's magic go haywire so she's out of commission for part of the film. Then have the existing cast work together, overcome some challenges, fix whatever problem the villain caused and ultimately confront and either defeat or redeem the villain. It's the most classic story out there and because the character's from Frozen are so endearing, I see no reason not to take an opportunity to tell a classic.

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