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    My wife and I are heading to Bowling Green Thur. through Sunday for our anniversary. I know we are gonna go to the Corvette Museum and go down to Franklin, KY while we are there along with some antique stores along the way.

    Anyone have any other suggestions while we are there?

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    We are going in April. When I lived there I never did end up going.

    Last year we enjoyed the Creation Museum and Mammoth Cave. Neither in Bowling Green, but worth the trip if you are able to fit it in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AAO View Post
    ...........Anyone have any other suggestions while we are there?
    Watch out for sinkholes???

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    uh im usually there Once a Year on pleasure and 5 or 6 on Bussiness, Mammoth Cave is a 100% Must i also Believe Kentucky Down under is Close by As well another Must For the Americans Who Dont do Intrenational Travel. in Mamoth Cave I would Suggest The lamp light Tour as it is Done 100% with Out Electric lights all Fire/Oil lamps. Disclaimer Note on the cave, be aware of any health issues and Plan accordingly people who have health complications in the cave usually never leave the cave alive there is NO FAST WAY OUT. beware your Limits and Dont Push them i have Been There 6 times in the Last 3 years and Have Seen Two People Die in the Cave none Of which from my group they are all in the PRIME of their Lives at 3rd and 4th Grade. With the Temps Being What they are now as i think on it best to stay to indoor attractions and the Caves. it dont matter if it is 120 degrees or -120 degrees the cave will be about 45-55 degrees at all times

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