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Thread: Diapers / Nappys from USA Delivered to the UK

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    Default Diapers / Nappys from USA Delivered to the UK

    Hi there

    Does anyone know of any website who sell diapers in the USA that ship to the UK, Mainly interested in trying either, Dry 24/7, Bellissimo, or Bambinos.
    Are any of the above good diapers? What others from the US can you recommend? or can you actually buy Dry 24/7, Bellissimo, or Bambinos from Europe or the UK? Love a nice think diaper/nappy.

    Thanks Ollie

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    I'm from the UK, I haven't heard of anyone selling Bambino diapers, I've tried looking all around the Internet but to no avail! Ebay is probably you're best bet, but shipping is quite expensive, there is a site called save express it's a German company, they do a whole range of nappies, plus they will be stocking Dry 24/7 around the end of March but they are bloody expensive!
    I'd go for Comficare they are really thick, and absorb loads, plus there is a company in the UK that sells them called Nappies R US, they just delivered mine the other day.
    Hope that helps!?

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    As Waddlebum Say's Comficare are the best and for what you pay on save express for 1 pack of dry 24/7 you can get 3 packs of comficare delivered and a 5'er change at least

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