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Thread: Seen in a Diaper

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    Tonight I went downstairs to the single stall bathrooms in my dorm and there were a few girls standing outside their doors talking. I had to walk right through them to get to the bathroom to change my diaper and when I did I could hear them giggling and whisper to each other, "is he wearing a diaper?" It's humiliating knowing that people other than my girlfriend know about my diapers now. I know I shouldn't care but I've already had a stressful few days which is why I was wearing diapers to begin with. And now this.

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    How much does two girls opinions matter to you? Specifically; when you have a girlfriend already, someone I assume accepts you for the most part, why would you care?
    I don't mean to sound dismissive, uninterested, or even mean. My advice is still straightforward. Don't worry about it. You could have misheard, and even if you didn't, would anyone bother listening to trivial gossip from them?
    Live your life the way you want. You have a rare opportunity too actually do near whatever you'd like, not something everyone on this planet has planned for you. Be you.

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    Enjoy it. You don't need to be embarrassed, and that's practically a scene out of something from the story forum. Nothing wrong with wearing a diaper, lots of people need them. Particularly when the girls don't even know the context, laughing at someone for wearing a diaper is potentially laughing at a person with a medical condition, which is pretty uncool on their parts.

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    I don't advocate proclaiming the wearing of IC products for showing-off/fetish/whatever.

    I try to be as discreet as possible, but 'I' am well aware of that 'Poofy-feeling', even though I'm wearing oversized shorts/pants, and a large shirt to try and hide it.

    When purchasing products at stores, I've had more than one cashier ask me if I want the 'Bulk' items bagged. I usually just chuckle and shake my head. I figure the world has far greater issues, and if anyone wants to notice, much less make comment or offer insult?

    That's their problem.


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    Thanks guys. Means a lot. Still trying to accept myself so little things like this are minor hurdles I suppose.

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    You'll be fine The more you can accept yourself, the less those things will bother you!

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    Hey, sorry they acted like that. Like ArchieRoni said, it's not cool what they did. They don't know why you've got them on. It was a very immature thing for them to laugh at someone else's medical condition. I know it's hard, but do your best to ignore them.

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    Consider this. . .

    I know many ABDLs who was introduced to the whole concept when they became curious as to why someone, who was not a child, was wearing a diaper, especially someone living an otherwise normal life.

    Heck, even I laughed at my friend for wetting the bed- not directly or in a mean way, just disbelief -and ended up researching the whole topic. ( This was when I was around 10-12. )

    So, one of those girls could get "curious". . .LOL

    But like others have said, as far as they know, it is a medical issue and it is none of their business. They would be horrible people to cause trouble.

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    Just made me feel awful.. I still put on the dry diaper because I've had a horrible few days and classes are stressful.

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