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    Red face Heyo

    Did I even make one of these? I don't remember. Oh well!

    Hello!! I've been signed up for a few weeks though i've never been very active until now. I thought I might as well say hello!

    Y'all can call me mewte if you like, i'm 20 years old, genderfluid and a huge kid at heart. I've suppressed this side of me for a long long time, and its hard to pretend i'm not a big baby who totally needs to be taken care of, but I am, and I really want to learn not to be ashamed of this side of myself, so here I am I guess!

    I like a lot of things, mainly cartoons-- older cartoons, y'know like Scooby Doo and Blues Clues and stuff, I do like the Ultimate Spiderman though, I looove spiderman. I also really like Bowser if you couldn't tell....haha. I love drawing though I don't do it much nowadays, I have depression and social anxiety pretty bad so I rarely get out. Oh! And I like collecting stickers!! I also love roleplaying and I do a lot of that on tumblr.

    Hmmm, thats all I can think of to say right now. Bye!

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    Hello mewte and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice introduction.

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    Welcome indeed! I'm transgender but gender binary (MtF) just starting on the path to transition. Great to have you on the site.

    Others will tell you this but I may as well be the first - nothing to be ashamed of! It hurts no one and makes you feel good. So long as you can balance this with 'Real Life' why be ashamed, It is part of who you are - denial is the path to madness!

    Embrace it and enjoy!


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    Bowser is awesome! I'm a kid at heart too and I am a cartoon nut. I even belong to a group that does Mario/Koopa RP and have been for almost 20 years now.

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    Hi Mewte, its is nice to meet you.
    I am a bit of a cartoon fan myself and would like to welcome you to adisc.

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    Hello mewte, and welcome to adisc I really like browser too, and Mario in general, also I really like cartoons.

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