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Thread: How many of us do you believe are out there?

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    Default How many of us do you believe are out there?

    Obviously we're not alone! But how accompanied are we really? tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands? MILLIONS? That'd be incredible if we had a statistic like 1 in every 122 people share this interest. Even if it's as minor as enjoying the comfort of a diaper. It's fun to think about really. Also do you believe the interest could be inherited or contagious like yawning?

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    We don't really have any definitive idea. The numbers that get bandied around are typically between 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000, simply based on numbers signing up on sites that allow for location searches. Obviously, we have no way of knowing how many of us are unable or uninterested in talking about it online. We see from time to time that people get "recruited" successfully and seem to enjoy it, either with the partner or sometimes on their own as time goes by. I think the social stigmas against it make that less likely than it might otherwise be. It can be an enticing thing to wonder about but I think it contains too many imponderables at this time to really get very far with it.

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    I would like to see what the ratio is between DL and ABs I would imagine there are a lot more DL then ABs

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBBaby View Post
    I would like to see what the ratio is between DL and ABs I would imagine there are a lot more DL then ABs
    Most of us identify as somewhere in between rather than one or the other, so although I don't know which is more numerous, it would amount to a small number in an already small community.

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    There are 4,200 members on this site which is global. For the sake of argument, let's assume that they are all U.S. citizens, there are no strictly IC (non-fetish) members, and that only one in ten (10%) of the AB/DL population is represented here. That would be a total AB/DL population of 42,000 out of a total U.S. population of 320,000,000 or 0.013% (1 in 10,000). If you assume that one in 100 (1%) of the AB/DL population is represented here, this becomes 0.13% (1 in 1,000). I do not believe that the population represented here is as low as one in 1000. Pretty small numbers as suggested by Trevor (and myself on a few previous threads).

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    I would put it at under 1 in 1000, it's pretty remote where I live and I know of 2 others in my area. Both my exact age. However one moved away and the other was a proper weirdo over skype so I blocked his ass. It depends how you want to measure it, if you focus just on DL it is going to quite low and sexual only even lower, but if you include other interests which encompass diapers (such as bondage) I think you will find it to be surprisingly high.

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    A lot. However, I think how many depends a lot on definitions. There are people who possess some ABDL traits who would not class themselves as part of this community. There are people who possess certain ABDL traits (but not others) who would absolutely call themselves an AB/Little/DL. And then there are the bonafide 24/7 ABDLs. So I think the numbers are heavily dependent on how widely we spread the net of who and what an ABDL is.

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