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Thread: The American Dream?

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    Default The American Dream?

    Do you think it still exists in todays modern world? My answer, yes it does.


    I recently had a friend move back to her home country. She lived here for about 2 years. Her family came her seeking oppertunity and money. Unfortunatly they had to return to their homeland b/c of the economic downturn. She found happiness and friendship here. That is what I believe the American Dream is and she experienced it first hand.


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    People gain happiness for all loads of reasons. Some people are happy helping out as much as they can, some people are happy by causing other people misery.

    Anyways everyone most likely always has something they want to do but haven't yet. Some don't pursue those goals and some do, but in the end we all have something we wish to fulfill.

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    I don't know if it does, as it's the only life I've known. I'm sure from a different perspective (someone coming here for the "American Dream") I would see it differently.

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    The American dream is always out there. Mine was to be a concert organist, and I accomplished it some years ago. For me, there was nothing like sititng at a big pipe organ, and playing the great pieces, letting the organ roar. I also wanted a family and a reasonably nice house. I have that as well. It always depends on where you set your sights. Sometimes, we become too sidetracked with wanting material things. There isn't hardly a thing you can buy, that you won't eventually grow tired. But working hard for something, building toward your dream even if it takes a lifetime; these are things that one can be proud.

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    I always thought that the American dream was to save up some money, buy property an’ live off the fatta the lan’.
    Is that still possible?

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    Wiki to the rescue!

    "The American Dream is the freedom that allows all citizens and most residents of the United States to pursue their goals in life through hard work and free choice"

    So basically, the "American Dream" is what you make it to be?

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    So, she did live it out. I always hear movies and documentaries talking about "I came here to live out the American Dream" She experienced it first hand. It was a sad day to see her leave, because of these hard financial times.

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    Mine is to get laid. Then I will go from there.

    save up some money, buy property an’ live off the fatta the lan’.
    Slow down Lenny, you have to figure out how to evade detection and taxes, then, it is possible.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Is the American Dream still alive? I guess it depends on one's definition. I'm certainly not rich, but the result of many years of hard work is that I'm in a job I like, I have a small house that meets my needs, and I have a car in decent mechanical condition. I've been with my partner for nearly ten years. I practice a meaningful faith, and I'm a generally happy person. Am I living the American Dream? Probably not. But the freedom to live my life as I do isn't found in too many places outside of America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    <>some people are happy by causing other people misery.
    So you've met my Mom.


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