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Thread: Hi littles I'm New

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    Default Hi littles I'm New

    Hello everybody here's my post to introduce myself

    Who I really am ?

    I'm an 18 years old french ABDL, I love Wrestling, Football and video games.
    I play all type of video games and watch mostly french football divison.
    I practiced football and athletism and also Tennis, now I'm more focused on running, because we go to run when we want and we don't have to go to training time, by this I mean that I'm more free !

    The baby me !

    When I am not a big boy I am between 1 year old and two years old. I am a very nice baby, I don't want the person who keep me is sad, I love watching cartoons, play in my playpen, I love my stuffed animal, my pacifier and hugs.
    I still need to being kept in diapers, feed with a bottle and I don't really speak or walk yet so I have to go on my knees !

    My diapers experiences

    I still leave with my mother so I've been diapered (hide) a very few times a year ago. I only tried baby dry size 6 and nothing else.
    I've never had mommy or daddy (but daddy don't sound cool to me), I hope I will be kept in diaper by someone a day maybe if I find a girlfriend when I will have my home around september (I will first have to be brave enough to tell her, except if she's also ABDL what is almost impossible)

    Why am I here ?

    Well I am here to spend time to watch topics about ABDL.
    And I'm also here to meet others ABDL Boys and Girls (even if I'm attracted only by girls).
    I've also created a Twitter account specialy for the ABdL it's @ABKResus

    Thank you for your time and see you soon !

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    You will find us a diverse but supportive group of people. Dive in to the forums and get chatting!


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    Thank you DLE, Diversity is good and I watch few topics the comunity looks nice !

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    Hi this is a fun place to explore your baby side. There are many people with good advice also. Welcome and enjoy.

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    Hi ozbub !
    Thank you, I visited a little bit and this place looks good, it's very interesting to share with others ABs, to discover things...

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    Hello abkresus
    Yah this is a nice place.
    Full of opened mined, well mannered, and supportive people.
    Welcome to ADISC.

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