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Thread: RIP Spock

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    He will be missed. It's sad to see another great actor go.
    I always loved his Star Trek char Spock.
    He gave him so much personality. #LLAP
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    Definitely my fav character on ST. I remember going to the student center as a freshman in '68, watching the show with a bunch of guys (all male school at the time), and feeling guilty for not doing homework!
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    I have felt bad at the passing of each of the Star Trek originals but Nimoy hits especially hard. Through his work, he's been a big presence in my life since I was old enough to pay real attention. Life will go on but I'll miss knowing he's around.

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    I wasn't a diehard "trekkie" but I always enjoyed Spock. Another great one, may he RIP.

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    He's finally departed for the great beyond. Don't be sad friends... He's finally returned home.

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    Always intriguing, the ride of life. I remove my hat, and bow my head to Mr. Nimoy. His many great accomplishments and roles in his life taught me much at a young age.

    I have never met the man - yet I am surprised to find myself in tears as we speak, at his passing.

    I wish nothing but prosperity, and support from friends and family for all.


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