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Thread: Wipes?

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    Default Wipes?

    I'm finally down to my last of 8 packs of Huggies One and Done wipes and now I'm looking to get different wipes. The wipes work but have a weird green tea and cucumber scent that I'm not a huge fan of.

    I'm hoping to get some suggestions. I'd like to get some wipes that I can buy in bulk and in "travel" packs where the pack is plastic and not a tub with a resealable top and have a baby scent. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

    What brand of wipes do you use? What do you like about them?

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    I use Pampers wipes, primarily because using Pampers anything makes me feel babyish. I also call my diapers "Pampers" no matter what kind they are.

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    I like the Sainsbury's own-brand scented wipes. Despite being scented, the smell isn't overpowering at all, but smells really nice.

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    Target's Up & Up baby wipes in "Fresh Scent" are great. The scent is classic baby wipe smell and they are relatively affordable. They also come in a variety of sizes. I've been really pleased with them.

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    My wife sewed me about 40 cloth wipes. She makes the solution, too, so sky's the limit when it comes to scents. I love lavender, and now I have baby scent, which is my favorite.

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    Used Pampers wipes quite a bit for the scent and still have some of the refills around. Mostly though I want to get clean if I'm busting out the wipes. I get the small packs of Assurance adult wipes from Wally World a couple packs at a time. There is still the smell of baby powder, so trading nostalgia for utility isn't a huge deal.

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    I used to buy the Playtex Chubs when they came in the "lego" boxes. Lots of fun. Now when I use baby wipes I tend to the Huggies because the portable box I like better than the plastic bags many come in.

    However, I like the larger size in the adult brand. I pretty much just pick them up at Walgreens who has a pretty good store brand though I've also gotten a case of them at Sams.

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    Wet scented cloths to clean ya self after diaper changes

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    I cut a paper towel into quarters and then wet with some rubbing alcohol (70% or 90%) right before use, works great!

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