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    Question Alright so,

    I think I have binge eating disorder.

    It's something I've had for a really long time, and I don't know what to do about it. If you saw me, you would not guess I had it (I'm 5'3" and I weigh 98 lbs) but this is because with this compulsive eating disorder, luckily, comes compulsive excersing.

    Anyway, It's very scary; not being able to control myself.

    Does anyone know anything about this disorder?
    Is it common?
    Is it something I should be ashamed of?
    Should I tell my doctor?
    Can anything be done about it?

    Anything you can help me with would be awesome.

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    Talking to your doctor would be a good idea, as they could give you much better advice than any of us could. (Unless we have any eating disorder specialists tucked away somewhere!)

    I would ask, and I'd be careful about the compulsive exercising too! Do you mean that you exercise frequently, or are you pushing yourself too far? Some people develop disorders where they run too long and too fast on treadmills, or lift weights that are stupidly heavy, or punch a bag for a silly amount of time. This can also be very dangerous... And it's not a good way to lose weight.

    I can answer one other question:
    Is it something I should be ashamed of?
    No! You shouldn't be ashamed of a disorder, and certainly don't let that put you off asking a doctor about it.

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    You should definitely talk to your doctor about this. Maybe they won't be experts on the issue, but chances are that they'll be able to link you to folks that can help. You mentioned that it's scary--that's reason enough to go see a doctor. Maybe there's an easy fix! (My fingers are crossed for you. Easy fixes are the best.)

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