Well I don’t know if I should write this here but I think this maybe it a better spot to do it here. This is one of though thing you could just let go of. But I just can’t get it out of my head so here goes.

I have had 2 dreams now there were beyond any dreams I have ever had. The first one happened about 15 years ago, I thought nothing of it at the time, but I still have the memory of it like hit happen yesterday. I guess I will start with that one first.

It was a very short dream, I found myself walking down a street in some unnamed city there was on sky, and there was only a narrow street with only one side walk. And as a walked down it there was a brake between the building. I saw there was someone on sitting there in need just like what you see people asking for money on a normal street. I thought I could just keep going are should I help, I stopped for a moment. then helped them up off the ground. And then with out a word to each other I just kept walking after that. As a walked a wave came over me and it felt as I had passed some sort of test.

Any way I dismissed it as some sort of wear dream
To day I had the second dream
But before bed I was feeling frisky and I frond it hard to sleep. I didn’t sleep well I woke up early in the morning. Then dosed off and that when I had that same type of dream.
It all started with a flash of white light I found my self in a large room no roof are really no floor. There was no furnishing at all. Some one are they, walked toward me and then sead you haven't much time left. The funny thing was the Pearson walking up to me didn’t say a thing. It just echoed in the room.
They seem to me like they were some sort of counsellor like you would go to in school. They laid a piece of what I would call paper very thin but as strong as steel it wouldn’t bend. As it sort of hovered in the air I was to look it over I saw a name on the top of it witch I remember. I have never seen the name before and never heard it before. Below was a lit of stuff on it. It’s all Vega to me now, but I was asked to write on the line listed below. And you know what I wrote on it was a bunch of AB stuff. I don’t know what I wrote now, all I know it was about my AB. Remember the counsellor never sead a word it just echoed it the room. It was Really weird stuff.
I remember asking bunch of stuff but it only bit and piece left in my mined. I was told to keep it short and simple questions. then they turned and left. The counsellor is something I just can’t describe.
After that thing just faded away. And it was still really early in the morning.

I got up and went to look up the name what was on that paper, and yah it a last name is English. It surprised the hell out of me. And I will not give the Name. It is not a well known name.

I wrote this because I was all ready forgetting the detail of the story.

Any way now I have no fear of dying now, and what I though was imported really doesn’t matter now I just feely really happy today. It like 40 years of trouble just vanished. I just don't know what to think.

For good are bad I don’t know what to make of it but that just what it was.
I put it here because it has a AB thing to it.